This Internet Troll Almost Got Killed For His Comments!

What the hell? This story is, well, literally insane. All of us bloggers have gotten those nasty comments that Internet trolls sometimes leave on our posts, right? I know I have.

I never blogged prior to Bit Rebels, so I never received a negative blog comment until about a year and a half ago. I used to get so upset over it, but now, I just shrug it off. It took me a while to get to the place where I could do that though.

I realize now that it’s just part of being a blogger. It comes with the territory. I even wrote this article with 5 Reasons To Smile When You Get A Negative Blog Comment. For all you Internet trollers out there that like to go from blog to blog spreading your nastiness, you might want to think twice from now on. Apparently leaving negative comments can now possibly get you killed. Ok, now for the insane part…

A few days ago, Breana Greathouse, 25, got a gun and drove over 200 miles to shoot Forrest Jamison for writing negative comments about her online. She would have succeeded, but, according to mediapost, “It ended in failure when she was arrested by Ottumwa police for waving her gun around like the unhinged maniac she is.” I know what it’s like to be insulted online. It’s hurtful and it stings; however, what could possibly be so bad that it would cause a young woman to make a b-line to kill the commenter? I have no idea. You can read the original story here.