The Year Of Video Content: 2012 Top 100 Brands In Social Video

Even though we’re not at the end of 2012 yet, the year-end lists are starting to trickle out. This is the second one I’ve seen, and it’s a good one. Video marketing has always been popular, but it exploded in 2012. I remember reading back in May that there are 72 hours of video uploaded every minute on YouTube. According to Singularity Hub, “more video is uploaded in one month than the three major networks in the US have generated in 60 years.” And keep in mind, these statistics are from May. I can only imagine what the numbers are now. The YouTube statistics page hasn’t been updated in forever, so we’ll have to speculate that. This brings me to social videos, and the top 100 brands in 2012 that are doing it right.

Although we all know there is no guaranteed formula for creating viral video content, we’ve also learned a lot by watching the successes and failures of popular brands about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to creating video content that has the x factor. For example, we know short is good (less than 3 minutes) and a long intro is bad. You’ve got to connect with the audience almost immediately or they’ll move on to the next video, no matter how well produced yours is.

There are some brands that seem to know how to connect with their viewers better than others, and they have not only created generated a lot of viral video content in terms of pageviews, but also in engagement. Goviral conducted some pretty intense research to come up with a list of the top 100 brands in social video for 2012. You can read the entire list by downloading their Top 100 Brands PDF which comes with an accompanying report which explains it all in more detail.

Just to give you a small taste, here is the top 11…but I couldn’t fit them all on this page so you’ll need to grab their PDF to see the rest. There are some expected brands in the top 10 like Coca-Cola and Google, but did you expect to see RedBull as number 1? I was surprised to see Prada so high on the list too. Enjoy!


Top 100 Brands Social Video – Download PDF With Complete List


Via: [Michael Litman]