Twitter Lists: Resurrecting The Awesomeness Of Twitter [Infographic]

It has been a while since I did a piece about Twitter. It’s the one social networking service that we have the largest following on, and it’s a shame really that Twitter doesn’t get more coverage here on Bit Rebels. I am curious, is that your opinion as well perhaps? Bit Rebels has always been committed to presenting new angles in social media, so let’s grab a closer look at Twitter. In particular, I would like to talk a little about Twitter lists. It’s a feature that has fallen out of the spotlight a little bit in the past few years.

As we all know, Twitter lists can be a great way to categorize your follows in order to get a better overview. It’s also a great way to make sure you keep things separated. A previous downside with Twitter lists was that the online user interface somewhat discarded them, or at least put them in a not so obvious place. Sure, it wasn’t too hard to find them, but in my humble opinion it could have gotten a whole lot more attention. It also lacked innovation since Twitter seemed to spend more time developing new services that don’t directly add to the whole Twitter organization experience, if you know what I mean. But Twitter recently gave Twitter lists a major upgrade.

So what’s so good about Twitter lists and what can we use them for anyway? In order to answer that question, I have found a fresh infographic that could come to put new excitement into Twitter lists and their usefulness. This infographic called 10 Ways To Use Twitter Lists, presented by eZanga, asks the same question we just did. The answers come from 10 said-to-be Twitter professionals who each have their own approach to Twitter lists.

I have to admit that even though I don’t use Twitter lists as much as I should, I still want to know more about them. The thing is, I felt like Twitter somewhat took away some their usefulness, but with the upgrade, I am eager to learn more about them. Having a look through this infographic and learning more about how these professionals use Twitter lists is almost an inspiration boost which could resurrect Twitter lists once again. The question is, how much do you use Twitter lists and why?

eZanga’s – How Professionals Use Twitter Lists

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