Top 5 Instagram Bio Link Tools

The Instagram bio link is an excellent tool for marketing, but it can be a source of headaches for marketers. As practical as it is, you only get one link per Instagram bio. Marketers would need to change it manually to reflect the latest campaign or sale. An Instagram bio link tool like lets you create a landing page or link tree so that you can turn that one link into several. Here are the top 5 Instagram bio link tools available right now.

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1. Feedlink

Feedlink is the brainchild of EmbedSocial, and it works as a landing page to create a clickable Instagram feed. The tool lets you tag the photos in the feed with unique links to get the most out of your Instagram account for sales and distribution.

The Feed Link is a free function of the EmbedAlbum platform. The platform is free when used with one source. There are paid plans available, available for between $19 and $99, that offer more features, functions, and image sources.

2. LinkTree

LinkTree gives users the option to optimize landing pages with links to different sites, building a “tree” of links people can explore. Include any link you want, such as a link to a blog, social site, online store, or more.

The tool lets you share the link to your tree across other social media platforms, too, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Twitch. LinkTree comes with a free plan and a premium plan. The free version has limited functionality and requires you to display the LinkTree logo. The paid version, from $6 a month, includes unlimited links, better link analytics, scheduled posts, priority support, and more.

3. Shorby

Shorby works similarly to LinkTree, letting you add extra links to send followers to your blog, website, other social platforms, and more. The app enables you to customize your page with backgrounds, icons, avatars, and videos. You’ll have access to analytics tools to make the most out of your link and be able to change and add links as much as you want.

Shorby comes with a 5-day free trial that you can access without a credit card. The pricing plans for premium plans begin at $9 per month and go up to $99 per month, depending on what functions you need.

4. Sked Link

Sked Link advertises itself as the “only link you’ll ever need.” Sked Link lets you add link followers to email newsletters, blog posts, websites, products, sign-up sheets, and more. There is a Basic, Pro, and Enterprise plan depending on what you need. The basic and Pro accounts like you choose from an existing theme or create your own, integrate with analytics tools, change links, and include UTM parameters.

The Enterprise plan has more advanced features and allows users to host a Sked Link on a domain name.

5. Bio

Lnk.Bio lets users create a mobilized landing page with all the links they need. You can include all the links you want, including images to accompany the links and provide extra content. The paid version costs between $0.99 and $9.99 per month and includes a custom URL, analytics, unlimited links, and access to email support.


Instagram bio link tools give you the power to turn a single bio link into as many links as you want and will help improve your Instagram marketing. Any of these five tools will get the job done. Which one you need depends on the features and functions you want.

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