Top Social Media Restaurants Cooking Up The Web [Infographic]

As we all know, some of the most successful people and brands on social media services already achieved great success before they got onto these networks. The effect is that millions of people start following them since they already know who they are. However, getting on a network and raising the same number of followers without being “famous” is of course a little bit harder. Successful brands have a lot of people who like what they do, but not on the same personal level as a celebrity does for example. So when we start looking at the top social media brands, we quickly start noticing they all have something in common. The list is greatly populated by restaurants that we all love to nom at.

What are the top social media kings when it comes to restaurants? Who carries the most pull when it comes to the size of following they have? It shouldn’t be too hard to delve into that statistic since they are all visible for anyone who has the energy to do a little browsing. A newly published infographic from QSRweb (designed by NowSourcing) presents the kings and queens on each social network when it comes to the size of their following. Be sure to check out their foodservice based social media event in Chicago too.

It becomes quite clear, and to no one’s surprise I guess, that Starbucks is doing a great job accumulating followers for their brand. Maybe it’s not such a big shock since anyone who has been using social media for any extensive amount of time knows that caffeine is a necessity in order to keep up with everyone and everything and not fall behind. What’s more interesting is that Burger King actually dominates YouTube.

I would have thought that McDonald’s would have snatched that spot, but they don’t have more than around 3,000 subscribers, which in all honesty, is shameful. When it comes to influence though, which is measured by the highly debated influence metric created by Klout, Taco Bell is actually the king of the web. So is the top social media restaurant really Taco Bell since they have the most overall influence?

Well, the top social media restaurant can’t really be measured that way since Klout’s algorithm for calculating influence is highly flawed, according to people’s testaments. The thing is, it is so easily manipulated, and because of that it should not be considered a valid metric for influence. But when we look at the research done for this infographic, I think we can all agree that Starbucks is the one we should call the top social media restaurant. Not only that, but they should be called the master of social media as a whole.

They have managed to control 4 different social media services to the point where they are the biggest. And, they come in second on the two services they don’t rule over. That at least tells me they are doing something right and deserve to be called the top social media restaurant. It’s also interesting to see that Pinterest is such a minor part of everyone’s following. I would have imagined it to be bigger considering it has to do with pictures and food, maybe that will change. All of these restaurants have a good chance to push into the lead on Pinterest and call themselves the top social network on that particular service.

One thing is crystal clear though, we all love our food, and we apparently love to get it from these places. Millions and millions of people are following these restaurants, and that tells me that restaurants provide a large portion of our daily food, or at least our liking of it. Where do you like to eat? What is your favorite top social media restaurant?

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