True Evolution Of A Social Media User [Infographic]

When social media was first introduced, we hardly knew what it would become. I mean, we didn’t even know what it was. We were just happy to have a way to communicate with other people through the Internet. It was fast, reliable and ultimately fun. Even back then there were people who were addicted to using services like ICQ and messenger. This new breed of communication quickly became one of the most popular ways of communicating through the Internet, and it has seen many different evolutions since then. The user has become the main focus, and instead of evaluating the social service itself, we’re now looking at the true evolution of the social media user instead in order to know what it is all worth.

As the user base for social media rapidly increases each day, we are now looking at things like the interaction rate, time on the service and the number of messages and updates being sent. It’s a whole new world that we are looking at now compared to what we were used to. As I said, the user is in the main focus of the whole evaluation business, and that has lead to a lot of speculation when it comes to the true evolution of a social media user.

So what really is the true evolution of a social media user anyway? Well, you would have to look at this infographic brought to us by egomonk (designed by Vigneshwar Shankar) to really see how we all develop as Internet travelers through the social media world. You don’t become an evangelist overnight. You have to know what you are doing and really know what practices to use. There aren’t many evangelists out there who have honestly gone through the whole true evolution of a social media user.

Having a look at this infographic called The Evolution Of A Social Media User will give you a better understanding about the whole ecosystem of users. Which one are you, and what are you striving to become? These are questions I know a lot of people struggle with after they find out that social media has so much to offer if they just know how to utilize it all. You really don’t have to be an expert on social media to put it to good use. It’s all there for you to approach in your own way. Not everyone wants to amass a huge following. Some people just want to put their best friends in a group and have a blast. Social media supports that as well.

It’s like everyone has suddenly started to believe that social media is just for the big boys, the companies and the furious promoters. That couldn’t be farther from the truth actually. Social media is for everyone, no matter how you label yourself. So the question still remains, who are you in this list of true evolution social media engagers and what do you aspire to become? Only you know, and only you can realize it.

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