Twitter Likes Or How To Get More Appreciation From Followers?

Twitter is quite different from other social media. It is based primarily on texting. This factor makes the pursuit of popularity on Twitter more difficult, as simply posting nice pictures is not enough. To get noticed and find appreciation amid Twitter users, you will have to put some efforts, and not only in your content. But nothing can stop you if you really want to become famous on Twitter.

There are many strategies that can bring you fame within the community of Twitter. But the most important metric for all those would be the interaction between your content and the viewers. In this article, we will concentrate the attention on basic hacks, tricks, and advice that will help you to become influential on this social platform.

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Buying Stats On Twitter As A Leverage For Growth

When you need to increase the number of favorites on your tweets, you will inevitably think that you could buy Twitter metrics. Yes, you can, even though this matter is still illegal. But it is not that simple as it seems first. The key to growth is not in mindless purchasing but in the art of using paid services.

So, here’s what one should remember if he doesn’t want to screw things up:

  • Don’t go big at once. A momentary leap from tens to thousands can simply make your account suspended for fraud. Like any other social platform, Twitter has algorithms that are searching and wiping out accounts that are considered suspicious.
  • Purchased followers and likes cannot replace the live audience. Their role in your promotion is turning the attention of potential viewers on your behalf. After you achieve the result, you should reconsider buying likes on Twitter.
  • Never rely on paid services only. The purpose of buying stats is to make your profile look significant. That is because people are attracted better to something that is more popular.  Nevertheless, numbers will not guarantee that users would stay.

And so it becomes obvious that buying likes on Twitter is a good tool for making your first steps in blogging successful. Though you should be careful and keep things at a natural pace.

Social Listening – A New Method For Becoming Popular

With the widespread use of the internet, everyone is trying their strength as a blogger. How not to drown in this flood? We have the answer for you – learn what your target audience wants to see and give ‘em what they ask for!

Social listening becomes a very powerful instrument in 2020. This technique is primarily used by brands in order to provide better customer service and to create marketing campaigns that hit viewers more accurately. But it works well for personal and artisan blogs too, as it makes the connection between a blogger and his audience stronger.

The most simple and effective way to put social listening to practice is to ask your followers directly. After receiving different answers, you will be able to adjust your blog according to the information people gave you. That is much better than guessing what would make your followers hit the little heart.

There are many details and tools that improve the results of social listening for you, but for starters, the sincere question will do the job. As your blog grows further, you will make your strategy more complex.

Define What Is Your Blog About And What Is Your Style

It was mentioned at the beginning of this article that Twitter is all about texting. That is because the original idea of it was to transfer SMS to the internet. So to be a successful influencer on Twitter you have to concentrate on what you can do best. Your profile can demonstrate an ironic view on the world, or be strictly a newspaper – whatever topic and style you feel like you have things to talk about. But the main rule is to remain within a few chosen topics.

Surely, to increase people’s interest in your profile, you have to be active online and discuss the hottest trends and news. You have to do it in your own manner, though. People are looking for bright personalities. So don’t be afraid to show what you think about various things. Being sincere, yet concrete will drive users’ attention to your blog quickly.

Engage, Engage, And Engage Your Viewers

This process has no end if you want to reach success on Twitter. It is an incredibly active community, where you have to not only lure in new viewers but retain the ones you already got to become your followers. Getting likes on Twitter is not your main goal. Likes are an instrument for picking the viewers’ interest. So the key to gain more likes, and followers too, you have to follow these tips:

  • Talk with your audience. Twitter is living through discussions. So the open dialogue with other people should become your locomotive in promotion.
  • Ask questions. This is a part of the tools that are used for social listening. But it can show to followers that you actually care about your audience. Thus they will feel a positive vibe from you and repay in likes and retweets.
  • Make friends with the most active followers. Try to make it not just a mutual subscription thing. If it is possible, meet them. If not, still try to bring your friendship outside Twitter as well. Being friends with people who are following you is a way to form a community around your profile. Strong and live groups attract people, so as a result, you will have a good growth metrics.
  • Keep it personal. It cannot be stressed enough, how important is your sincerity. People always feel when a blogger is showing fake emotions, reactions, and opinions. On the other hand, honesty, empathy, and spontaneity are features that can drive more users towards your profile.

Don’t Forget About Visual Content

Even though Twitter is a texting social network, visual content is vital here too. Posts that have pictures and videos are engaging more users, than the ones that lack those.  So in spite of this fact, it will be wise to add pictures and videos to your tweets. There is a known practice on Twitter, when bloggers add pictures with text to their posts in order to avoid the limit of 280 symbols. Well, if you have something that you want to share, why not. You can add memes to create a lightweight conversation and get in touch with your followers.

Long story short, relevant pictures, and videos too, is a guaranteed method to earn more attention from users on Twitter.

Nail The Hashtags

Twitter is one of the first platforms to popularize hashtags. The proper use of them can seriously widen your target group and make your growth effective. Key rules for hashtags on Twitter would be:

  • Don’t use more than three hashtags per tweet
  • Avoid long and complicated tags, unless you really need it
  • Be accurate. Your hashtags must be corresponding to your topic
  • If you are creating a campaign that is connected to hashtag usage, make sure that you are original.

Using hashtags can make your blog more recognized and easy to find. Also, you can use hashtags for differentiating a special community within your blog.

And After All

It is hard to separate tricks for getting more likes because likes on Twitter are not the primary goal to reach. But likes are very important for your growth. Promotion strategy on this social platform is based on the synergy of followers, likes, and your own activity online. Likes demonstrate to occasional users that a bunch of people has highly appreciated your tweet. Popularity provides popularity, and users can become interested enough to visit your profile page, look through your posts, retweet them, and finally become your new subscriber.

If you are interested in even more social media-related articles and information from us here at Bit Rebels, then we have a lot to choose from.

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