Unpretentious: The Facebook App That Destroys Pretentious Photos

There are a lot of Facebook apps that have been getting their share of attention in the past few months. Some have gone viral, while others were left in their own shadow. It’s easy to see why Facebook has become such a huge “market” for applications. There is so much potential given all the different resources that Facebook makes available through their API. I mean, Facebook collects pretty much every tidbit of information about our lives, right? When it comes to pictures, it would seem that Instagram is the only way to manipulate photos on Facebook. Maybe it is, but when it comes to destroying them, I think the one and only app is the one launched by Mitsubishi back in 2012 called Unpretentious.

Unpretentious will allow you to completely destroy your friends’ pretentious photos in a way you never thought possible before. Do you have friends who are continuously sharing pretentious, high-flying and exclusive photos of themselves and their surroundings? Well, you will completely and wholeheartedly love the Unpretentious Facebook app.

It’s dirt simple as well. All you do is to go to the Unpretentious app on Facebook and start choosing pictures. What will then transpire is that the photos you have chosen will be staged on a desert awaiting their doom. A new Mitsubishi will then come roaring down the desert and drive straight through your friend’s pretentious photos and completely destroy them. If anything, that should give you the satisfaction of getting some of that stored up jealousy out of you. The great thing about this app is that you can do it over and over again with whatever photos you like. Just watch out though, if you start this, there will be a destruction derby following, I tell you. You are not the only one feeling jealous from looking at your friends’ pretentious photos. Unpretentious could help you get the point across, but you are putting yourself in the line of fire by using this app as well. Let the Unpretentious destruction carnage begin!

Mitsubishi’s Unpretentious Facebook App