Using Your Website To Gain Social Media Followers

So you Tweet, you post to Facebook, you Snapchat and Instagram. You say the cleverest things imaginable. Yet your followers remain at unimpressive levels. So you retweet, you share, you comment. Your follows grow…slowly. This is an all-too-common scenario.

The question then becomes: How do you gain social media followers? There are many tools that can help you. Services and tools like Hootsuite and Tweepsmap can make gaining and managing your followers easier, but do they add organic follower, who are truly interested in your message? Often not. The most effective way to gain social media followers in through your website. Why?

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Ask For Followers

Your website has a broad-based appeal that is difficult to duplicate simply through social media engagement. Therefore, it becomes critical that you leverage your website to best gain the social media following you desire. But to effectively use your website to gain social media following, start with some obvious and simple things. If you have customers, ask them to follow you. This simple thing is effective and gives your customers a reason to follow you. You have the opportunity to brag about your products and provide expertise on what you do. Whatever you do, don’t underestimate the value of a memorable, branded domain name, the right name can really stick with your social audience, making it much easier to share your site.


Use your platform to conduct a survey. When you do this, you get feedback on your site and your create an opportunity to engage your readership. This also provides an opportunity to ask for and gain followers. If people are engaged in your survey, they might want to follow you for future feedback opportunities.

Do Competitor Research

Studying what your competitors do gives you the chance to duplicate their efforts. You can capitalize on the work they’ve already done merely by copying. This might seem lame or shady, but it’s normal and an efficient way to cultivate success in many ways, including gaining social media followers.


Keywords are typically the focus of SEO campaigns and link building. They are also helpful for establishing a brand and reputation. When you repeat keywords, people begin to look to you as an expert and seek your advice. This makes following you on social media attractive. Make sure your texts reflect the words you want to be associated with your brand and reputation.

Cross Platforms

People often become partial to a particular social media platform. Some like to tweet. Some favor Instagram and most like Facebook. All platforms have their fans. Use them to get unreachable followers.

Also, if your site can build in plugins to make sharing to various platforms easier, then sharing to all social media can be as simple as a few clicks. This brings eyes to your posts as well as your shares. Be careful to craft your messages to specifically take advantage of the varying audiences. Linkedin followers expect a more professional message than, say, Twitter.

Vary Your Content

One tip for bringing attention to your site, your brand and your social media is the 80/20 rule. Eighty percent of your content should be informative and twenty percent should be promotional. If you are overly promotional, people tune out. Use your platform to make users lives better and they will be interested beyond what they’ve learned.


Ask for comments to your posts. And when you receive comments, engage those comments. People like to feel like they are part of a community and engaging them does that and encourages others to as well. This is true on your social media accounts as well. Don’t be shy about posting links to articles you write ton relevant social media threads or even reaching out to other sites and asking them to link back to your content or share it socially.

Make Deals

Ask your friends and family to share and engage with your social media and your site. This creates credibility and allows you to benefit others with your platform as well. This is a way to create networks of mutual benefit. And don’t be afraid to be generous. Offering more than your asking can help expedite the growth of your network. People are more open to giving back when they don’t feel like they’re being asked for too much.

Write About Influencers

When your site highlights the work of someone with influence, this can be leveraged to gain exposure. You can show the influencer your work and ask them to share. If they do, you are associated with them and followers of theirs will be inclined to follow you as well. You can leverage their success through association.

Ultimately, your site doesn’t merely benefit from your social media presence, it can be instrumental in growing it. Your site isn’t restricted to character counts, over-populated by your family or simply an endly feed of cat videos. Therefore, you can use it to gain followers which can improve your readership on your site. Win-win!

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