Ways To Engage Your Audience On Social Media

Past data shows that over 4 billion people use social media daily. Further, the average social media user accesses six or more social apps every day. Undoubtedly, social media offers an excellent opportunity for you to grow your brand.

Moreover, creating content on some social networks can earn you extra income. For instance, popular influencers on TikTok earn gift points that can be converted to cash rewards. And if you want answers to the question, what are TikTok gift points, visit the Growtok website for detailed information on TikTok currency.

One of the best ways to create a loyal following for your brand on Facebook or any other social media platform is to keep your audience engaged. Engagement also increases your business visibility and revenue. And to help you grow your business, here are five social media engagement tips that are bound to give you results.

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Have A Plan

As a business owner, it’s impossible to be active on all social networks. Focusing your social media activity on a few platforms allows you to get the best returns for your investment.

Build profiles for your typical customers and determine the social networks they use. For instance, if your target market is young people, they are likely to be more active on TikTok than on Facebook.

Once you have created profiles for your target customers, develop a plan on how you’ll keep them engaged in the selected social networks.

Share Visual Content

When it comes to the effect of visual content on social media engagement, the facts speak for themselves:

  • Social media content with visual elements attracts 94% more views compared to content with no visuals
  • Visual content performs four times better on social media than text-based content
  • Tweets with images get 150% more retweets than those without
  • Photos with faces on Instagram get 38% more likes compared to those images without faces

Visual content drives engagement, as it’s more interesting and memorable compared to text. When choosing your visuals, ensure they’re relevant to your brand. You should also add descriptions to your visuals to optimize them for search engines. Don’t forget to include the share button on your visuals if you want them to go viral.

And if you’re wondering how to use visuals in your social media content, here are a few ideas:

  • Share instructional or how-to videos
  • Use behind the scenes images
  • Share user-generated visual content

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags can help improve the visibility of your products.  Tags also help build a loyal following for your brand.

Ensure the hashtags you choose are memorable and relevant to your business.  You should also consider the platform on which you intend to use the hashtags, as some tags are more effective in certain social networks than others.

The number of hashtags you use on different platforms also matters. For instance, using more than ten hashtags on Instagram can get you more engagement than using fewer hashtags.  On the other hand, Twitter posts with two or fewer hashtags get more attention than those with more.

Share And Encourage Others To Share

If you get helpful content for your customers from another source, you can always share it.  Useful content, whether it’s from you or other contributors, will keep your customers interested.

You should also share relevant content with your followers. Sharing such content shows that you value your customers. This can also encourage your followers to repost your content, resulting in more exposure for your brand.

You can also engage influencers in your industry and get them to share your content. When you offer the influencer something in return for the shares, it becomes a win-win situation for the two of you.

Keep The Conversation Going

Sharing your followers’ content is great, but you also need to engage with them. Quickly respond to your customers’ queries and start conversations with those tagging or talking about your brand.

Ensure you personalize your message or response to suit every customer. For instance, rather than using automated messages to reply to customers’ questions, greet each customer by name and customize the answer to their needs.  This helps build a good relationship with your followers. Giving discounts or having questions and answers sessions can also keep your audience interested in your brand.

In closing, you must use social media effectively if you want to stay ahead of your competition.  The above five tips will help you keep your audience engaged while also building a loyal following for your brand.

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