What’s Most Annoying About Twitter? See Your Answers Here

I love my Twitter and you’ve never seen me complain about it in any post I’ve ever written. I am a Twitterholic and I’m plugged into what’s going on in my Twitter stream almost all the time. It is a lifeline for me to be able to connect with some very special people.

I consider Twitter to be one of my best friends, but just like any best friend, Twitter can be annoying every once in a while. One of those days was yesterday.

I can handle the Britney bots, I am very patient with the occasional fail whale, and I don’t even mind the spam messages that show up in my mentions. However, the auto-DMs drive me over the edge of sanity sometimes.

I’m one of those people that actually uses DM to communicate with some of my followers. I’ve had full conversations in DM. It is really annoying to have to filter through twenty or thirty auto-DMs in order to find a ‘real one.’ That is not even to mention when I follow someone, then they send a DM with a question that I try to answer, only to find out I can’t send it because they haven’t followed me back yet.

In Twitter’s defense, DMs have come a long way. I remember back in the day when we couldn’t delete them out of TweetDeck. At least now, when I am really annoyed, I can go in and delete them so they aren’t staring me in the face as I tweet.

I started wondering if there were things that annoyed my followers about Twitter. I sent a tweet asking that question, and I received many fun responses which I decided to share with you below. What is the most annoying part of Twitter to you? Leave it in a comment below.

Just like a good friend who eats with her mouth open or has bad breath, this really is nothing more than an annoyance to me. I still love my Twitter very much, and I am grateful for it every single day.