For Your Next Tweet Up: Twitter Inspired Beer Glasses

We have featured a lot of Twitter inspired designs, and one thing I’m noticing as time goes on is that they are getting more and more creative. It’s a really neat progression to watch. It seems artists and designers are growing as fast as the site itself.

For example, it used to be that most Twitter designs incorporated that turquoise blue color, usually on cloth. I’m referring to that Twitter blue that we are all so familiar with. However, now we are seeing designs that are branching out in different colors and on unusual materials.

Recently we featured a Twitter ring made out of silver or titanium on which you could have your favorite tweet or DM engraved. It was a really inspiring little design. Today I’d like to show you some original Twitter inspired artwork from independent artist Ian Leino. This is his “Fail Whale Pale Ale” design. I just love this creative take on our favorite whale! Ian is selling his design on not only t-shirts but also pint glasses and koozies. These would be perfect for your next tweet up or party. You can check out these and more of Ian’s designs on Ian Leino. I am buying a couple of these shirts for sure, not only for me, but for some of my Twitter friends. How fun!

Twitter Inspired Pale Ale Glasses

Twitter Inspired Fail Whale Design

Twitter Inspired T-Shirt Design

Via: [Trend Hunter]