What Comment To Leave On Facebook [Flowchart]

If you are a frequent user of Facebook, like so many of us are, you know that it can sometimes be a little bit intimidating to even post a comment on someone’s Facebook profile or page. Of course we should all show respect when making comments, but it’s really what to say that is the biggest question mark. Sometimes even just a thumbs up is all that is needed in order to show your support or liking about what the person posted. Personally, I always try to be positive when leaving comments, but there are boatload of people out there who take a different route, which is usually not to everyone’s liking.

Then there is the funny side of it all. There are a whole lot of things you can say just to make it all a little bit more… well, fun I guess. What can you say and what are your alternatives? I recently found myself researching this, and I stumbled upon a really fun flowchart that might help you get through your daily commenting on Facebook. The flowchart is created by GraphJam, and it is a brilliant example of how you can take something as ordinary as commenting and turn it into a whole science.

Now all you have to do is take the example status update, switch it out to your own, and then just follow the flowchart depending on what route you want to take. You should have your comment right there staring you in the face. Is this what is going to drive commenting on Facebook in the future? A bunch of flowcharts to help us through the tricky jungle of commenting? Nah, it’s way better if you just form your own comment based on your own feelings, experience and of course sense of humor. That is always the best way to go about it, but there is one key piece of advice that I would like to give you… it’s always stay positive!

The Facebook Comment Guide Flowchart

Via: [Flvrd] Header Image: [SuperMario3000]