What Facebook is for…

Social Media, the one thing to rule the Web since the Internet boom back in the end of 1990. People are constantly asking me what it’s for and why one should use it. The answer is usually more complicated than the the whole question itself as it has such a wide span. Using the widely now used “Listen & Respond” explanation will most likely confuse the person even more as they have no clue what Social Media is from the beginning.

As I have said in so many of my articles before, there have been many attempts on trying to dissect and explain Social Media as the next Business and Free-time tool to get new friends and colleagues, to share great ideas and links…the list is too long to type in its entirety here but there are some attempts that are simply the best entertainment.

“What Facebook is for” is a great animation that explains Facebook just as most people see it. It’s an eye opener as it’s right to the point what Facebook has become. I like the fact that Twitter, Myspace and Facebook compete about the same audience. It gives me the same feeling I had when I saw Microsoft compete with Netscape about the browser playground. It gives me the same feeling watching Microsoft battle Apple in the end of 1980. Wait, there is a pattern emerging here… Microsoft is truly battling everyone for the market of…everything it seems.

This clip is not doing much more than explaining what Facebook really is…or has become. What do you think?