Twitter Knows How Hot The Facebook IPO Is [Infographic]

So the Facebook stock has now been traded for a whole week. The price has dropped like a rock almost the whole week, and the stock has lost 1/4 of it’s introduction price. It seems to be the reaction to the IPO being valued to high. People are saying it is also a reaction to Facebook not having a clear view of their revenue stream in the near future, or at least how to increase it, which makes it hard to know where the stock is heading. I am no stock market pro, nor am I a day trader, so my 2 cents probably shouldn’t be taken too seriously. However, this is what has been said so far throughout the week. I guess we’ll have to see how the stock does next week.

But just how hot is the Facebook stock in terms of interest? Well, that question could actually be interpreted several different ways. I could be about how much the stock is traded (the volume) and whether it is sold or bought. Another angle would simply be how many people are talking about the stock in general. The latter is quite hard to research without the use of some global database of individual opinions and comments. And where do you find that in the world of the stock market? Well, there is none.

However, there is one thing better, and that is our social networking sites. There can be quite a lot of data derived from just a little group of people. It can actually be as much as you want it to be. To find out about this, IDV Solutions pulled the data from Twitter, a formidable source of opinions. They searched for the words “facebook” and “fb” on the day the IPO launched, and the result is quite clear.

This infographic will let you know just how hot the topic of the Facebook IPO was in different parts of the world. What numbers we are talking about are hard to say since no measurement is presented, but it should still give a pretty clear image nonetheless. As you can see, not everyone was too hyped about the IPO; however, it was talked about in more or less the entire world. I think data mining is exactly what makes social networks so great, especially if you are a statistic maniac and need to gobble down every single piece of data you can get your hands on. I am quite surprised that Sweden was overall more interested in the IPO (or at least how much we were talking about Facebook on the day of the IPO) than most of the entire United States was. Sometimes statistics tell a whole different story than what your perception of it actually is. How many of you guys are still checking out the price of the stock just to stay updated?

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