What Will Make You Unfollow? Twitter Community Answers!

Twitter is a great place to meet people from all over the world. You can really have lots of fun too. Imagine being able to learn and share cool stuff together. However, as social media continues to grow (Twitter is one of the fast growing sites), you will notice that there are some people who take advantage of this phenomenon. Because of this, the whole Twitter experience for some people becomes a bit disheartening.

There are even those people who completely lose interest. This especially happens to those who have recently joined the site. But do not fret, there is something you can do to make the experience enjoyable again, and that is to unfollow certain people. There are many reasons for unfollowing someone on Twitter. And yes, it is completely within our right to do that. It is not a bad thing.

One of the things that is so great about how Twitter works is the freedom for you, the user, to do what you feel is right for you. No one can dictate what is right for you. I unfollow… No, actually, I block spammers and the ones who tell me that I can get gazillions of followers by clicking the links they send (similar to what Aaron mentions below). I recently asked this question on my Twitter stream, “What will make you unfollow someone on Twitter?” The response was amazing. People have different reasons for unfollowing people. The ones that stood out were: a. spammy messages b. auto DM c. offensive tweets d. continually selling services that are not relevant to the community.

You can check out the tweets below:

@AskAaronLee – #1: Constantly DM-ing me justin bieber quiz #2: DM-ing me about tooth whitening products #3 How to get gazillion followers in X days.

@arleigh – too many tweets, especially announcements or auto-retweets of a keyword, in a short time frame.

@steveplunkett – Free Ipad/pod – filthy mouth – sexist/racist/political comments – links to p0rn – excessive negativity – online arguing.

@Lovtoo – Flooders! Twitters who don’t engage and pure self promoters.

@mariabrophy – If they’re spamming me non stop or sending DM that is spam.

@DarkBeige – why unfollow: ppl who brag about followers, ask for RTs or generally demand things of you.

@Narshada – Offensive tweets, e.g. Racism, or hate speech will make me unfollow. Also spamming, or just generally boring feeds.

@gariphic – when they constantly try to sell services/products #whyunfollow

@joycecherrier – hateful tweets/namecalling  #whyunfollow

@sheenasiao – When: 1 tweet/min 24/7 or too obvious bathroom tweets (make it witty at least!) #whyunfollow

@oemoral – 1. Abusive intolerant tweets. 2. Personal attacks 3. Unfollowing me without any reason #whyunfollow

@mishu7 – for me it would be: racist comments, jokes about disasters (Guatemalans do that often), since I love animals I could unfollow

@lindopotts – Auto DM’s. If I see a petty argument they’re having with another tweep. Anything even close to spammy. #WhyUnfollow

@raz_ambat – I usually un-follow whiners. People who complain daily about every little thing.

@tcabeen – spam, hatefulness, contributing ZERO value, excessive swears, people who only try to be funny but aren’t.

@carlitarocks – no action/post for over a year. rude/offensive. no dialogue.

@drkevinlo – spam, hateful tweets, or inactivity.

@dudeman718 – That’s an easy one to answer. Twitter Spam!

@iPhone_Queen – swearing, bullying, spamming, rude or obscene tweets.

@Morningkill – I’ll unfollow if they almost never tweet, or if they attack friends of mine. Overtweeting’s a nonissue for me. #whyunfollow

@XtyMiller – If they tweet nasty and/or hateful things/pics

Thank you so much to all my Twitter friends for participating. Thank you also to our readers. You can still participate by leaving a comment below. I believe it is a great way to let others know what will make you guys unfollow. Let’s try to make the Twitter experience enjoyable for everyone!

Image Credit: [Unni Bente Knag Langedal / Shutterstock]