When Your Twitter Account Gets Suspended…

An account getting suspended on twitter is no joke, most specially for a Twitterholic like me.  My day started just dandy, was tweeting with some friends and then Bam!! I could not log on anymore and a message appeared on my timeline saying that I was suspended.  I was shocked, and asked myself, what did i do wrong?

After the initial shock, I said i need to get my account back as I knew I did not violate any Twitter TOS (Terms of Service).  Its not easy being suspended most specially if you know you are not in violation of any rules of engagement.  So here are some tips that I hope can help anyone who gets suspended (knock on wood):

1.  Don’t Panic – Well I did LOL but I remembered what Rob used to tell me make a ticket if you have any issues on twitter .

2.  Send a report – Go to twitter support and file a ticket.

3.  Alert  people – Since you are in the dark and can’t tweet that you are suspended, the best way is to get help from twitter friends via other sources.  Mine was FaceBook,  Skype and Email. Always good to have an alternative means of contacting your twitter buddies and asking for their help or at least some people will know what happened to you.

4.  Check Twitter Search – It was a wonderful source for me to checkout what was happening.  Seeing people reacting and helping was a real source of relief and really felt encouraged that the problem will be resolved.  I am not over acting here as it is never easy to be branded as a spammer or a bot when you know you aren’t one.

5.  Be Patient and Just wait. @imjustcreative @minervity, and @arnteriksen told me via email and facebook, just wait it out and see what happens.  So I just waited and wrote my articles.

6. Thank everyone who helped out – I did and felt so good to see people welcoming me back! –

People always made a comment about some of the biggest influencers on twitter and how they are not responsive.  I must say that i can refute that, @kim, @mayhemstudios, @Buzzedition, @mashable @TrendTracker, @arnteriksen, @imjustcreative, @zaibatsu, @andysowards, @iamkhayyam @minervity, @alexanderrehm,  @svgrob, @divinefusion, @maddisondesigns @Jason_Pollock @ruhanirabin, @cheth @teeco71 @LinwoodStudios @arthurjohnson @dennis_jernberg @soulboykirk @rahuljrark @StacieJShelton, @rmilana @9swords @ShellyKramer @myniffie @phaoloo @giographix @DianaKhalil @admrich @LastWebdesigner are just some of the few influencers who took the time and alerted their sweet followers about the problem. And in turn, their gracious friends tweeted. It’s social media at its best if I may say so.

If I may borrow the quote from Glen (@TrendTracker) Nice to see a #TwitterFail turn into a Twitter community win, w/ tweeps rallying so quickly – & passionately!

Connection and interaction is key, I never did feel so much in the dark, most specially that I knew my twitter friends got my back!