Why Is Blogging Fun?!

I love to write and it has been my dream to share in the form of writing ever since I can remember, but I never had the courage to start one until January of 2009. 

Then things got even more exciting when I was asked to join Bit Rebels last May 2009 and now I’m also part of Ink Rebels which launched February 2010! I know, you might say, What!?? How do you do it? Why do you do it?

There are a lot of reasons why people blog, some do it for self expression, others to share their views and opinions and some to make money.

Blogging takes time and a lot of effort, I’m sure our readers who own a blog can attest to that! But I really do it because its FUN!!! Why is it fun? Let me tell you!

1.  Blogging keeps you updated – The thrill of discovery is always present.  You will enjoy the hunt for cool facts and information! You want to experience more to be able to share more!

2. Blogging widens your horizons – It allows you to think differently, and this is what I mean, as a designer/illustrator, we look at things differently, we see things in the form of shapes and lines. As a writer you see things as words and emotions that needs to be expressed!  Writing also allows you to open your mind to everything you see, you cannot limit your thoughts to just one idea.

3.  Blogging allows you to imagine and be creative – Imagination and creativity is a must and with writing you can mix words and thoughts and images.  There are so many topics you can cover, you just need to see how that topic can be of help to your readers.

4.  Blogging opens up the door to new friendships and relationships –  I love the reactions and the sharing that goes on in the comment space of the blogs I write.  You also get to learn new things from your readers when they share their experiences and the learning.  I became even closer to the people I converse with on Twitter when they started engaging with me on the blogs I write. My friendships and relationships with my co-writers Diana and Richard have become even meaningful and richer because of Bit Rebels and Ink Rebels!

5. Blogging can make your day! – I always smile when I read that the articles that I write were instrumental to the growth of a person who visited the articles here and on Ink Rebels! It always makes me feel good to know that people are inspired by what they read! Writing is also my escape from the stress that I often encounter with my everyday work. Give me my wordpress and I am already smiling and eager to share!

No matter what your owns reason are for writing, I am sure that you do it because it’s fun! Care to share with us here why it is fun for you?

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