YouTube Adds Slow Motion Video Feature To Editing Options

Get ready because funny YouTube videos are about to get even funnier. Yesterday YouTube added a slow motion feature to the editing suite of options, so now anyone can make a slow motion video without having a high-speed camera or other fancy equipment. It’s basically a fun little effect packed into a simple tool that will make you look like a video editing ninja. This is going to make for even funnier videos by people who will add this effect to their arsenal of creative tools.

Of course, people who know how to take ‘real’ slow motion videos are complaining that the effect in these slow motions videos is crappy and low quality. Keep in mind though; YouTube didn’t add this simple feature to cater to people who demand high quality videos. They added it for people who take quick videos and upload them to their YouTube accounts for fun, which is the majority of YouTube users.

Besides, when you look at the two videos below (before and after), it doesn’t look too bad! I think it looks great actually, but then again, I’m not a professional videographer. As you see in the two videos below, adding the slow motion effect will definitely add length to your video, which is an important thing to remember. The second video is reduced to 1/8th speed.

You can add this effect to any of your existing videos, or you can make a new slow motion video – either way. To get to this feature, you just click on Enhancements or the Video Editor. That’s basically it. I can’t wait to see who has the first viral video using this feature. All those people complaining about it just need to use a little imagination because this could be a lot of fun! You can read more about this on YouTube’s blog at Slomo Makes Everything Better.

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YouTube Adds Slow Motion Video Feature To Editing Options




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