YouTube Retention And Watch Time – What Is Their Difference

If you want to create a channel on YouTube, you only need to invest a couple of minutes in completing the process. The registration is simple, and you just have to submit your email address. Nevertheless, to grow your channel, you will have to invest much more time and effort.

First of all, you need to figure out the niche that will be the most suitable for you. Then, you need to find ideas for original videos and to make your channel and videos’ thumbnails perfect.  Of course, this process becomes much easier if you choose to buy YouTube views from Stormviews.

In addition to all of these, you always need to check your YouTube channel’s analytics. Through the metrics you will find there, you will figure out whether your strategies are successful or not. This way, you can make changes and start getting the results that you have been dreaming of.

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Yet, a lot of creators don’t understand the importance of their analytics. The most important metrics that you will find there are audience retention and watch time. In this article, we will describe what these two metrics are and their main difference.

What Is YouTube Audience Retention?

The first important metric that we will take a look at is audience retention. We use this specific term to talk about the percentage of your videos’ viewers that watch your videos. Moreover, this metric measures how long the users remain on your videos and at which point they decide to abandon them.

Through this metric, you can practically find out how engaged your audience is with your content and spot the problematic parts in your videos. With high audience retention, you can also figure out how successful your cheap YouTube views are. To find out the audience retention of your videos, you have to go to your “YouTube Studio”.

This metric will be under the “Analytics” section. Once there, you will notice that your audience retention is divided into types – the absolute and the relative retention. The absolute retention shows you the most popular parts of your videos as you will see the percentage of video views every second.

On the other hand, the relative retention compares your video to other videos on the platform of the same duration. If you follow our tips for high audience retention, you can improve your videos. Then, your investment in cheap YouTube views will bring you outstanding results.

What Is The Videos’ Watch Time?

The other essential metric that every creator on the platform should check is your videos’ watch time. This term refers to the cumulative minutes that users have spent on your videos. This is a very important metric to keep track of since it will help you calculate your estimated earnings each month.

Moreover, channels with high watch time will rank higher on searches as the YouTube algorithm tends to favor this metric. For this reason, you need to buy YouTube views for your videos to bring them to as many users as you can.

The Difference Between YouTube Retention And Watch Time

Audience retention and watch time are two different metrics that will both benefit your channel. The audience retention refers only to your content as it doesn’t count the time that the users spend on the platform. However, the watch time tells you how long you can keep a user on YouTube. In fact, audience retention is a tool to improve your watch time.

How To Improve Your Audience Retention

Now that you know the difference between these two essential metrics, it’s time to dive deeper into audience retention. First of all, you can buy YouTube views to make more users watch your videos. In addition to this, you can also follow the strategies below:

#1 Create Content of High Quality

The most important thing that you need to take care of to find success on social media is the quality of your videos. YouTube is a huge platform with millions of active channels. This means that if a user finds poor quality content, he can easily find another channel with better content. For this reason, you have to get the proper equipment before you develop your channel. You will also find it very helpful if you get cheap YouTube views for your videos.

#2 Structure your Videos

Another way to boost your audience retention is to structure your videos in a way that keeps their viewers interested. For example, create a short and catchy intro at the beginning, write a hook, and then adopt an easy-going tone. If your video is boring, then the viewers are going to abandon it quickly, resulting in bed audience retention.

#3 Find the Point When Users Leave your Video

Your audience retention metric can reveal to you which parts of your videos are problematic and make users abandon your content. By doing this, you can determine what is wrong with your videos and correct it for better results.

Moreover, if the drop-off point is consistent in all of your videos, then this is a clear sign that you should shorten their duration. By analyzing your audience retention, you can make your cheap YouTube views effective.

#4 Optimize your Channel

Users choose to remain on a YouTube channel for many reasons. Indicatively, they check the content’s quality, the interest of the subjects you choose, your aesthetic, and your graphic designs. Moreover, the aesthetic of your whole channel, such as your channel art and profile pic, are elements that can convert your viewers into your subscribers. To optimize your videos, make sure that you use end cards and playlists to send users to the rest of your content.

Both audience retention and watch time are important metrics that influence the success of your channel. However, if you buy YouTube views and follow our pieces of advice, you will manage to capture the users’ attention and create an amazing channel.

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