10 Most Distracting Smartphone Apps When Driving [Infographic]

Compared to everyone else I don’t think I even get close when it comes to the amount of apps on my smartphone. It is not by choice it is more because I never have time really to sit down and use them. There are hundreds of thousands of smartphone apps available and of course some of them are more distracting than others. Some are especially distracting when driving, which of course is a danger not only to the user but for the drivers around them.

If we take Facebook for example, this behemoth of a social networking service has been proven to be one of the most distracting endeavors anyone could ever undertake, no matter where you are. Of course, work has been mentioned several times and keeps being the primary target when it comes to negligence of work ethics.

But when it comes to driving, Facebook is actually not the primary app that is the most distracting. Out of all smartphone apps available, it has been determined (by asking 1,000 young drivers) that Whatsapp is actually the one application that is the most distracting. People really should not use their smartphones when driving at all, but it seems people still do no matter the eminent consequences.

It seems most of the smartphone apps on this top 10 list are social networking apps. Have we become too immersed into the networking that we really don’t do in the first place? What are we networking for? Are we looking for acceptance or just to be idolized by as many people as possible? Is there really a point why we’re using these social networking services?

These are all questions that we should ask ourselves individually. There is no collective answer as that would only be towards a continuation of using these services. Everyone wants to be seen, whether it is by a small group of friends or by a massive following. But are these smartphone apps really worth risking our own and other people’s lives for? Ask yourself this question and make sure you make the right decision. Don’t use your smartphone when driving too many people have been hurt already. Don’t be distracted by something as stupid as a poke on Facebook or a retweet on Twitter, it is just not worth it – Don’t Drive Distracted is presented by Ingenie.

Top 10 Most Distracting Smartphone Apps

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Most Distracting Smartphone Apps Infographic

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Via: [visual.ly] Image Credit: [Mint]