10 Ways To Improve Your Productivity In Word

MS Word is an essential tool in our daily lives. MS Word is a useful tool for a wide range of users, including authors, editors, professors or teachers, office workers, and lawyers, to mention a few. MS Word is one of the most important tools in Microsoft Office, and Microsoft has made sure that it is created to meet the needs of a wide range of users and to improve the user experience. Furthermore, it meets the bulk of needs from people working in a variety of academic sectors and businesses.

According to Forrester, Microsoft Word remains a mainstay of commercial productivity, with more than 90% of organizations supplying Office to their employees. Microsoft has recently purchased Intentional Software to make task programming and automation easier for its Office 365 collaboration offerings.

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10 Ways To Improve Your Productivity In Word

Here are ten ways to help you become a Microsoft Word power user and gain the most productivity from the program.

1. Make The Change To An Online Workspace

You don’t have to install Microsoft Word on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, which is one of its best features. You can use Word Online, the online version of this program, by logging in with your Microsoft account on the office.com website.

Because Word can be large, this is especially handy for folks who have limited capacity on their devices. For Mac, it takes up about 1.2GB of storage space, and for Windows, it takes up about 2.10GB. It has the same functionality as the original but takes up less space on your device.

2. Deleting Duplicate Files

Duplicate files are a constant annoyance for most computer users because they influence the way files are saved to the hard drive and, as a result, you must spend a little more time maintaining and working on files. If you’re a regular computer user with access to MS Office Word, you probably have a large number of documents on your computer. You need to download or generate Word documents on your computer on a daily basis for a variety of reasons, whether personal or business-related.

When deleting numerous copies of Word files, you must be very careful because accidentally deleting an important file might cause a lot of problems. You can go insane if it takes a long time to find copies of each document and manually delete them. As a result, you should use an excellent duplicate file finding program to solve this issue.

3. Include Dictate In The Process

Throughout the day, business people write a lot, including responding to emails and creating presentations. This could lead to tiredness both physically and mentally. It’s much easier to use speech-to-text, which is where Dictate comes in.

With powerful speech recognition technology, this Microsoft Garage add-in for Word, translates what you say into writing. As a result, your fingers will be able to relax after all of that typing.

4. Icons That Are Incorporated

It is necessary for your documents to be readable. Because the majority of people will be looking at your photographs and headlines, you should give them creative value.

Word’s Icons will assist you in your effort. They’re a quick and easy approach to focus the reader’s attention on important information without clogging up your page. It can help you increase the readability of your files by eliminating the need for readers – whether you or a teammate – to search for specific words or phrases.

5. Effective Collaboration

Word allows you to work on many documents at the same time. All you have to do now is save your document to your OneDrive account, use the Share feature, and distribute it to your coworkers. The file can then be edited using Word Online or the desktop program by those who receive the link.

6. Make Use Of The Auto-Correct feature

Using the auto-correct option in Microsoft Word, you may check your fundamental grammar. It may do a spell check on the fly, ensuring that your document is correctly proofread. You can even adjust your MS Word spell check’s language settings. Grammar tools such as Grammarly can be installed as an additional proofreading and sentence creation tool to ensure that your text is free of typos and grammatical errors.

7. Always Save Your MS Word Document

One of the most crucial MS Word tips to remember is to save your MS Word document multiple times. Constantly saving your MS Word file is essential to your work in case your PC or laptop meets problems and restarts. You won’t have to repeat what you’ve written from the beginning this way. MS Word has its own recovery tool, however it is not always assured that you will be able to get back to the exact content you had before losing your document.

8. Make Use Of The MS Word Diagrams

Using diagrams in your MS Word file can give your reports more life, as part of our MS Word suggestions. MS Word does not stifle your creativity; in fact, it can help it flourish. These useful MS Word features will help you make your report, assignment, or any other document more appealing and readable for your target audience.

9. Convenient Zooming Will Protect Your Vision

Eye strain from sitting too near to your computer is one of the most significant barriers to productive work. Use the zoom option to solve the problem.

To find the appropriate setting, look for the slider in the lower-right corner of your document, or click the Windows and Plus buttons on your keyboard. Use the setting that seems most natural to you to avoid eye fatigue.

10. Update Your PDFs

You might believe that in order to edit PDF files, you need to download and install PDF editing software, however this is not the case. Word offers a handy PDF editing capability that allows you to make changes to your documents fast. This can save you a lot of time and keep you from downloading potentially harmful programs.

Before you begin, keep in mind that you’ll need to convert your PDF file to a Word-compatible format.


If you want to boost collaboration and communication in your company, Microsoft Word is a must-have. It enables you and your staff to quickly prepare documentation for important clients.

However, if you’re using Word, make sure to take advantage of the tools listed above to accelerate document creation. You’ll be able to work more quickly and efficiently.

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