12 Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Projector Lamp [Infographic]

Flatscreen TV’s are getting bigger and bigger as well as smarter each day. You can get a really good 70 inch TV today for under $2,000. If you want that immersive experience that you only get at the cinema, then you need a screen that can rival the one we’re used to staring upon when we go to check out a movie at the theater. To do that at home, you of course need a projector, but the projector lamp will only last for so long and they are usually expensive to replace.

As TVs get bigger, you need a wall that will support the size and the weight of it. Sure, technology gets smaller and with it lighter, but with a larger screen you definitely need a larger wall to hang it on. That is why projectors are superior, especially when it comes to getting that intense theater feeling.

While I was poking around trying to find a way to extend the life of a projector lamp, I managed to stumble over an infographic that might just be exactly what someone with a projector needs. The infographic is called Tips To Extend Projector Lamp Life and is presented to us by Projector Lamps World (design by Infographic Design Team). It shares 12 truly great tips to extend the life of your projector lamp and does so through easy to read chunks of short information.

No doubt the projector lamp is one of the most fragile components on a projector, so when setting up your projector or even when you are switching out the projector lamp for a new one, there are lots of things you should think about. Wearing gloves is a great way to prevent dust and oil from your fingers from sticking to the lamp and cause spots that will wear on the projector lamp more than it otherwise would.

Projectors were introduced to us quite a while ago, and the technology has progressed a lot since then. Today you can find a ton of awesome projectors in all price ranges. Have a look at this infographic and learn from these tricks on how you could extend the life of your projector lamp quite easily.

12 Tips To Extend Projector Lamp Life

Extend Projector Lamp Life

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Via: [visual.ly] Header Image: [Dane Vetter]