14 Fantastic iOS Features That You Might Not Know About

I have been using the new iOS 7 operating system for a while now, and I have to say that the new features have certainly improved my time optimization. I like how they managed to redesign the system to be more intuitive, yet still retaining its usability by adding new powerful features. But just like Apple said during its unveiling, there are plenty of iOS features they didn’t have time to showcase or even mention during their fast paced keynote.

As usual when a new operating system (or a new version of one) is presented, it’s virtually impossible to showcase every single feature. Weight is put on the features that the developers think will resonate best with the audience. That was the case with Apple’s unveiling of the new iOS as well. The iOS features presented were mostly averagely impressive, and even though the features presented was considered the best ones by Apple, there is still plenty that we didn’t get to see which are just as impressive and useful.

By highlighting more iOS features, we might all be able to further optimize our use of the iPhone and other iOS products. I have collected 14 features that were not highlighted before, but that could come to impact the way you use the iOS a lot. To get a better overview, I listed them all here so you know what features can be seen in which video clip.

iPhone 5S Tips & Tricks

  1. Time Stamp Swipe For All Messages
  2. Custom Vibrations (not exactly new)
  3. Safari Private Browsing Mode
  4. Spotlight Search Options

Hidden Features of iOS 7

  1. Spotlight Search
  2. Dynamic Wallpapers
  3. Reactive Viewing of Panoramic Images
  4. Blocking Of Contacts (Calls & Messages)
  5. Government Alerts
  6. Live Zooming While Recording Video
  7. Live Clock On Dashboard
  8. Stock QR Code Reader
  9. Stock Compass Level Tool
  10. Newsstand In Folder

We have come to expect more from Apple when it comes to innovation, and maybe that is why we keep thinking they are not doing enough to wow us. The new iOS features are quite impressive, and I have personally found that I use my iPhone a lot more now that it’s a little bit more optimized. Whether or not these iOS features will increase your usage of the iPhone or optimize your life is of course impossible for me to say. However, the features mentioned in these two videos should be more than enough to impact your everyday usage of the iPhone.

If you happen to know of any more “hidden” features, please don’t hesitate to mention them in the comment area below. It’s always helpful when someone points out new features we have not yet discovered on our current operating system.

GadgetGuru‘s Video on “Hidden” iOS Features

TechSmartt‘s Video on “Hidden” iOS Features

Hidden iOS Features Presented