14 Tech Fails Of The Past That Will Never Rise Again [Infographic]

Throughout the years, we have seen countless failures when it comes to technology, both on the Internet as well as in the form of gadgets and devices. Just like Steve Jobs said, the way to real success is through creating stuff that no one knows they want yet. It so happens the world is full of tech fails that have been invented on that foundation alone. Sometimes a gadget that seems good to the innovator just doesn’t appeal to the rest of the world’s population.

If we wanted to make a list of all the failed attempts to bring new technology into the world, we would have to sit here for a very long time. We can avoid that by just looking at the most infamous tech fails in history of technology. An infographic produced and presented by Mashable holds a compilation of tech fails that I think we all remember. Well, that is, if you are old enough to actually have been around when they were introduced to the world.

The infographic called 14 Tech Fails That Will Live In Infamy is a rather simple yet accurate representation of tech fails that stunned the world. Some were even said to become the next big thing, but they failed miserably due to the customer’s neglect of adopting the products in their lives.

One of the more recognized gadget tech fails must be the Gizmondo. It was said to become the ultimate in gaming (and a whole lot of other things) but panned out to become the worst selling handheld console system in history. Now that is feat that I don’t think anyone would want on their resume, but tech fails don’t have to be this obvious in order to be tech fails.

The LaserDisc is another example of a greatly overrated product. It was said to become the ultimate storage medium, but again, it failed miserably at capturing the consumers interest. We could of course go on and on trying to figure out why they failed, but the fact of the matter is that it doesn’t matter how genius a device really is. If consumers don’t like it, then it’s not going to become anything other than another addition to the tech fails of the world.

Horrible Tech Fails Of The World

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Via: [visual.ly]