3 High Tech Custom Halloween Costumes To Dominate Any Party

Halloween is upon us tomorrow, and some of you I am sure do not have your costumes entirely figured out yet. The stress is upon you and while running around like a lunatic you constantly chant the question, what to do? Relax! There is still time to put something together to rock at that party you’re going to. In an attempt to relieve the stress, and perhaps spawn a few ideas in your head I have found 3 high tech custom Halloween costumes that could be what you need.

Most people are trying to hit up something geeky and fun but as stated in yesterday’s article about the Baby LED Suit, Halloween is all about remembering the dead. What better way than to go absolutely gore on each other, right?

If you are looking for those high tech custom Halloween costumes that still incorporate gore and fright, then there is no better place to find them than over at Digital Dudz. It’s a Halloween Mecca for people that want to take Halloween to a whole new level. They have all kinds of high tech custom Halloween costumes, and they are almost guaranteed to help you dominate any party you might be invited to.

I have also found a couple of other high tech Halloween costumes that are a must see. No doubt will they give you some ideas, but it is their awesomeness that I want to bring to your attention. A guy calling himself lucasodhner on YouTube created a Karaoke Halloween costume which, no doubt will be the center of attention at any party. Well played Mr. Lucas!

The second one is for all you fanatic Star Wars fans out there. Want attention? Want a simple solution and a fast Halloween build? A guy calling himself unboxtherapy on YouTube went ahead and created a Sound Trooper! Yup, wear it as you walk around blasting the Star Wars soundtrack. If that doesn’t get the attention you crave, there’s not much that will. These are but a few of the high tech custom Halloween costumes you will see this year. If you have created one, don’t hesitate to send it to us so we can feature your awesomeness as well!

High Tech Custom Halloween Costumes

3 Custom Halloween Costumes

3 Custom Halloween Costumes