3 Lesser Known SEO Myth Busters Every Marketer Must Know About

Search engine optimization. The world has been going crazy after this term for over a decade now. The key to many businesses’ success. The technique that helped many marketers make themselves a fortune of both fame and money. The method that holds the potential to drive spates of qualified sales for all businesses at the lowest cost. Clearly, it is something.

But all of this noise has given rise to several misjudged facts and myths that hardly hold true. In this post, we decide to rip a few of those. So, buckle up. Here are three lesser-known SEO myth busters that every marketer must know about.

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1. Google #1 Isn’t Everything You Need

Yep. You read that right. We are talking about the SERs on Google’s search engine, and position number one is not really the way to the promised land. Many times marketers work hard on lifting their target page’s rankings to the top of the search results, which is good; and appreciable. But this doesn’t always get them to the promised land.

Turns out, being placed at the top of the search results can get you a good amount of qualified visitors. But, this alone can’t get you conversions for your business. A well-planned landing page will always be crucial for turning visitors into leads. Qualified SEO Frederick MD agencies can help you with this.

2. Social Signals Do(n’t)? Help Boost Search Rankings

This can be one of the most argued about statements in the world of SEO. The fact is, this is one technique that has continuously been effective for improving rankings to some extent. Clearly, we can not say that getting a lot of social engagement is the key to a fantastic search success.

However, they still make a difference. So, don’t get discouraged when someone says something else. Social signals have been crucial, and they still continue to be so. No wonder Neil Patel has spoken about this too.

3. Keywords Don’t Matter Much In 2019

Some may argue, but it’s important to bust this myth. Keywords are essential, at least for now. Although indeed, excessive use of keywords has long been discouraged by Google (along with other search engines), appropriate usage of the right keywords is still appreciated and rewarded.

For example, if you are targeting the keyword “best cars of 2019 USA”, SEO experts suggest that you must use other related keywords as well. These can be LSI keywords or related search terms, as can be found at the end of the Google search results page. For a better understanding, have a look at the screenshot below.

(Bild 1)

As you can see, in the screenshot above, the keywords covered in the red rectangle are the related keywords for our target search term, i.e., “best cars of 2019 USA”. It’s essential to use at least a few of these keywords to enable your web page for ranking in the SERPs. Clearly, to grow a business online, keywords matter, just that their usage has to be smart.

Final Words

Speak of marketing, and you can’t keep SEO out of your strategy. It’s one of the most effective marketing tools that has been performing for years and years. But, all of this has made marketers and marketing enthusiasts have some misplaced beliefs. In this post, we tried to correct that by speaking up about 3 SEO myth busters that every marketer must know about. Hopefully, this was helpful.

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