3 Reasons Every Small Business Should Consider Managed IT Services

Managed IT services are the backbone of many businesses, and they allow a business to operate their technical portion of their business hands-off. It’s a service that large and small businesses invest in because it reduces their overall resource requirements.

You don’t need to hire a full-time worker or even a part-time employee, deal with paperwork or have to worry about offering benefits.

And with managed IT services, there’s no need to add more responsibilities to your plate. You can quickly and easily add to your team. Small businesses should start to consider these services because.

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1. Integration Can Be Slow and Gradual

Integrating IT services into your business doesn’t need to be a lengthy, all-or-nothing process. You can start a slow integration of services that can be expanded as your business grows. Cloud-based operations make this integration even easier.

You can choose to gradually reduce your IT responsibilities, allowing for a seamless integration.

2. With Managed IT Downtime Is Kept To A Minimum

Small business owners have a lot of responsibilities. Owners will be responsible for a lot of operations that they’re not qualified to perform. When it comes to IT services, this can lead to unnecessary downtime; downtime that your business cannot afford.

Instead, offloading infrastructure management to a dedicated team will allow for fewer business interruptions that end up costing your business money.

Experienced teams that deal with infrastructure management daily will be best suited to keep your operations running smoothly. There are also lower overall costs in the long-term, as a managed team ensures better system reliability and less overall downtime.

Warning signs of potential problems can also be detected and corrected rapidly – a major bonus.

3. Added Security For Sensitive Data

Data breaches have leaked over 17 million records in May 2018 alone. These are massive figures, and small business owners may not even know that their information was exposed. It’s a scary prospect, and it can lead to a business having bad press, losing customers and being held liable for stolen data.

Cybersecurity is expected to be a $169 billion market by 2019, and every business is at risk of cybersecurity issues.

There are a lot of layers of exposure, too. You can rest assured that the right IT team will be able to provide added security to your operation. These teams will also be able to patch holes in your current operations and ensure that your business is less at risk of an attack.

No one is immune to a potential data leak, but the right team will lower the risk of an attack – the best any business can expect.

Small businesses that aren’t sure if they can benefit from managed IT services will want to consider managed services if:

  • They’re spending too much time on IT. When the IT operations are impacting other areas of business, it may be time to offload the workload to someone else.
  • The business isn’t aware of their liability for a data breach or how to handle a data leak properly.

A backup plan isn’t in place or has issues that the owner doesn’t know how to fix properly.

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