16 Reasons Touch Screen POS Is The Talk Of The Town

Small business owners can’t stop talking about touch screens and POS systems. These two things have been made to go hand in hand and here are not 5, 10, or 15, but 16 excellent reasons why. Hold on while we explain why you hear about touch screens everywhere you go and why businesses all over the globe are increasingly relying on touchscreen POS systems to streamline the process while making lives easier for the customers.

Moreover, they have allowed businesses to decrease their time in keeping track of inventory and total sales made, by automating the process. Below you can find some of the topmost reasons why it has emerged as one of the single most potent tools in a retail outlet’s arsenal, which has resulted in unsurpassed increase in the overall efficiency of businesses and why even your business needs to make the transition, in case you haven’t already.

1. Customer Engagement At Checkout

If you want to wow your customers, whip out an iPad at checkout. All touch screens are entertaining, but portable ones make an especially big splash. This can take some of the sting out of a hefty price tag. Engaging the customer at checkout is recommended by Software Advice.

2. Easy To Train Employees

Touch screens capitalize on human’s tactile senses. You’d be surprised how easy it is to teach new employees how to use a touch screen POS system. You can walk them through it just a couple of times and then the screen’s prompts will help them through the process from there.

Reasons Touch Screen POS

3. Can Catch Mistakes On Its Own

A touch screen machine can detect improper input and ask the employee to confirm. Unlike a standard terminal that’s basically a glorified cash register; a touch screen is available with devices that can alert you to a mistake before you even know. You’ll save time and money when you have a system that makes it harder for you to make a mistake.

4. Tend To Be Portable

Most POS systems that use touch screens are also portable. Your sales staff can rip about the store, taking care of checkouts on the spot, and your customers never have to be without vital information. You can enjoy the perks of bringing intense customer service to your clients. You can also employ fewer staff members because you can input an order from anywhere instead of requiring full-time cashiers.

5. Make A Company Look High Tech

Most people still view touch screens as the wave of the future. Even as they get more and more common in personal life, it’s still rare to see them in a business. If you want to appear as a modern, cutting edge company you should invest in a mobile touch screen device to handle POS transactions as soon as you can. These exciting devices will boost your appeal to customers and make your business stand out in their memories. You’ll be unique or among a small percentage in the customers’ previous experiences.

6. Flexible And Intuitive System

Touch screens make it easy to customize your menu to whatever you want. You can arrange the buttons you need in the best order for yourself and your employees.

7. Replaceable Parts Mean Less Downtime

Touch screens tend to be easier to repair. A cracked screen can be replaced within a day if you use a product such as the iPad as your device. You can move on from problems with ease. There are a lot more places that fix iPads than there are places that fix traditional POS terminals.

8. Often Less Expensive Than Traditional Terminals

A base level POS device can cost a couple of thousand dollars. An iPad with software that facilitates an electronic point of sale device will be less than $500, sometimes much less. You can get started with just two and scale up your business as it grows.

9. Tends To Be Small

You don’t have to worry about your employees slaving over a big terminal when you use a touch screen device. These portable little things tend to be easy for your employee to carry on their hip or in their arms without sacrificing any customer service

10. Sleek And Aesthetically Pleasing

These easily transported devices don’t take up as much counter room. In addition to being easier to work with, sleek, handheld touch screen devices for POS are pleasing to the eye. They make the whole operation seem sophisticated and modern, and give you more space to show off your products. The beauty of a clean desk cannot be overstated if you want your store to have an elegant look.

11. Simple To Upgrade

Touch screen devices are easy to upgrade. You don’t have to worry about paying money now for a device that’s useless in three months; just upgrade your software and you’ll be good to go.

12. Touch Screen Is Becoming More And More Popular

People love touch screens. With touch screen phones, tablets, and other devices becoming more available every day, you’re using a technology that your new hires and your customers are likely to be familiar with.

13. Fastest Running Time

Touch screens have to have a fast processor so that they can keep up with the input provided to them. If you want to speed your process, you should invest in a touch screen.

14. Automatic Electronic Copy Of Data

A touch screen automatically logs your keystrokes. This is particularly useful if you don’t know where an employee went wrong ringing up an order. When you’re in a busy customer service area, this provides a sense of fairness that can keep a customer coming back despite a bad experience.

15. No Buttons To Get Worn Out

At the most basic level, a touch screen lasts longer because there aren’t moving parts that can get worn out and need to be replaced. This is good news for people who are “hard typists” and murder their keys.

16. They’re Quickly Becoming The Industry Standard

Right now, a POS system that uses touch screens makes you look modern and cool. That’s only going to last so long. Get into it now, and you’ll have an advantage. Wait and you’re suddenly going to be behind the trend. Everyone else will have moved on and you’ll be stuck trying to play catch up.

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