3D Cloning Now Possible With Low Cost Startup Scanner

With 3D printing technology becoming so popular lately, more and more “accessories” are also being innovated. We seem to love the fact that we can now create anything we want with a little bit of tinkering. 3D printing has become as easy as a click of a button, so what more is there to innovate? Well, it takes time and knowledge to create something to print in a virtual environment. Therefore, 3D cloning is becoming a growing field of innovation.

The code for getting something out of the computer and into a real object is now cracked, but how do we speed up the process of getting something inside the computer…something that we will be able to alter, refine and clone? That’s where the 3D scanner comes into play. So far, 3D cloning has been an expensive endeavor that takes a whole lot of money to get started. But it looks like 3D cloning and scanning is on it’s way to becoming a much cheaper endeavor thanks to a new Kickstarter project.

It’s a project that has been dubbed CADScan, and it could come to make 3D cloning a whole lot more affordable. The concept module is quite simple, and by the looks of it, it incorporates some rather impressive and powerful technology. The box itself is just a shell to prevent the scanner rays from being polluted by objects not affiliated with the product to be scanned. You simply place the object you want to scan (or put through the 3D cloning process) into the scanner and hit the start button. The rest is taken care of by the software and the scanner. When finished, you will have a complete dot mesh of your object which you will be able to manipulate in your favorite 3D software program.

The CADScan project founders are currently looking for funding to enter the final stages of bringing this product to reality and to you. They are looking to raise £80,000, and if I would ever dare to guess the outcome of a Kickstarter project, I would say this one will definitely be successful. With 24 days to go, they have already managed to raise an impressive £55,000. If you are looking to add a pretty cool accessory to your 3D cloning process, you should definitely have a look at this and pledge. 3D printing and 3D cloning are going to become big business in the future. Are you aligned to enter this stage of technology?

CADScan 3D Cloning Scanner Technology Startup