3D Movie Making App & Technology For iPhone Users Soon Available

With all the new accessories that are being developed for the iPhone, movie making and photography are getting ever more advanced. The professionalism of iPhone technology is constantly getting better. As the quality of the accessories gets better, so does the quality of the content generated with these new visual enhancements. I can’t even count how many iPhone photography accessories I have covered throughout the years here at Bit Rebels, but there are definitely more of those than video accessories. Latest in the constant flood of visually improving accessories is a simple and cheap, yet quite interesting, iPhone accessory that will allow you to pick up 3D movie making with your iPhone.

It’s a new Kickstarter startup called the S3Rig and is the brain child of Anthony Pires. S3Rig stands for Stereoscopic Smartphone Starter Rig, and it is a combination rig and iPhone app. It will allow you to shoot 3D movies with two iPhones synced to record video at the same time. When compiled, the video can be experienced in 3D, which a lot of iPhone users have been looking forward to for a long time. The technology has been there for a while, but no one seemed to have embraced it and made it available for the iPhone users. But now it seems iPhone users can soon embrace 3D movie making with their iPhones.

The fact that you need 2 iPhones to start your 3D movie making project is of course a hurdle which will undoubtedly keep a few people from picking up this product. However, everyone who wants to get into 3D movie making, even if it is with the iPhone, should know that without two cameras there will be little 3D movie making done.

Anthony is currently looking to raise $35,000 to finalize the project, and with 35 days left to go, it’s anyone’s guess whether he will actually succeed. I must admit that it’s an interesting concept that could potentially appeal to a lot of people around the world. The invention is simple, and the application seems to be more than straight forward. If you are looking for a cheap way to record 3D movies with your iPhone then pledge $50.00 to get your very own 3D movie making rig when and if the project succeeds to finance its final step of production. 3D movie making on the iPhone? Sounds like a cool idea to me!

Anthony Pires’ 3D Movie Making iPhone Technology