3D Printed Action Figures That Replace Business Cards

Networking has become an online endeavor, and I think we can all agree on that. Well, it might be more accurate to say that the majority of initial introductions happen online. In the offline world, there is no better place to connect with people than in conventions and at conferences. That’s where people share the most business cards, but business cards could be replaced by 3D printed action figures in the near future.

Say what? Yes, I guess I managed to get your attention with that one, right? It so happens that there is a constant race to come up with next generation business cards. We have seen many examples of it throughout the years here at Bit Rebels, and we think it’s not about to stop anytime soon. But the simplistic, and quite honestly, boring paper business cards are becoming a thing of the past. People are trying to adopt smartphone apps that connect by just being in the vicinity of each other and so forth. There is also a whole lot of ingenuity going on.

The people over at the Dutch design agency Resoluut have a pretty interesting idea for how to involve 3D printed objects into their “business card” design. It’s a unique concept, I give them that. The idea is not extravagant or complex, it’s actually quite simple. By custom creating superheroes in the form of action figures, they incorporate 3D printed objects into their personal presentation when being introduced to new people. The email and name of the designer is located on the bottom of the 3D printed action figure.

It’s definitely a sure way to poke a good first impression into people’s minds. I mean, you will definitely remember a person who gives you a custom 3D printed action figurine as their presentation of themselves, wouldn’t you think? The process of creating these 3D printed business cards is quite impressive. The personalization of them all begins with the designer it’s going to represent, and that in itself makes these business cards a whole lot more personal and memorable. Don’t you think?

3D Printed Action Figure Business Cards




Via: [psfk]