3D Printed Airplanes: Around Year 2050 You Could Be Flying In One

People trust that 3D printed body parts are safe enough to be attached to their bodies. People also trust that 3D printed food is safe enough to eat, and that 3D printed parts are safe enough to be used on a car. However, would you trust a 3D printed airplane to fly you safely to your destination? In as early as year 2050, that could be a reality. NASA, Boeing, Airbus and others are already using 3D printed parts, and the actual 3D printed airplane is inevitably on the way.

The reason it will probably be around year 2050 before this can be done is because technology has to catch up to the vision that people in the aviation industry have for this innovation. Currently, there isn’t a 3D printer that’s large enough to print the parts needed to create a full size airplane.

As I mentioned, many companies are currently using 3D printed parts in their planes. This makes for more lightweight and stronger airplanes. Once this is possible for an entire plane, the 3D printed plane will be about 65% lighter than a traditional plane, which equates to it being much less expensive to operate. The year 2050 is still well within our lifetime; so most of us will probably get to experience flying in a 3D printed plane firsthand.

The funny thing is, by the time it actually happens; it probably won’t be a big deal. By then, 3D printing will be so entrenched into our everyday lives that it will feel like a natural progression. Besides, by the year 2050, people will have been living on Mars for almost 30 years (people are expected to colonize that planet by year 2022). You can read the source articles linked below for more detailed information on all this. We definitely have some exciting times coming in our future!

By Year 2050, You Could Fly In A 3D Printed Airplane



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