Restaurant Introduces Tableside Flying Delivery Of Food By Drone

Every once in a while we all look for a different kind of food experience. Where we can find that is a whole different thing. Imagine for a second that you want to try out a new restaurant, which has food you think would taste exotic and fresh. But what you don’t know is how it will be served. Will it be brought to you by a server, a conveyor belt or perhaps by a flying delivery? The unsuspecting diners at a restaurant in London suddenly had their food delivered by a flying drone.

I think a pizza franchise tried this approach with home delivery not too long ago, but this particular restaurant, YO! Sushi, spun the concept and actually let a drone make a flying delivery to the tables instead. The diners were more than surprised, not to mention thrilled, to have their food delivered by air instead of the ordinary delivery way.

YO! Sushi is known for their quirky deliveries. When the London-based restaurant opened back in 1997, they delivered their sushi plates by conveyor belts. It’s something that became quite the talk around London. They also have a drink delivery system operated by robots. The list goes on and on, and now they can add flying delivery to their quite extensive list of interesting and high tech delivery methods.

The flying delivery method is actually called the iTray, and is only present in their most popular restaurant in Soho, London. I am sure with the way things are going, they will introduce their new concept delivery method to all of their other restaurants as well. I can only dare to imagine what other delivery methods they might come up with in the near future. I mean, the flying delivery drone has to be right there on the edge of technology. Maybe 3D printed food is the next thing for this quite tech fierce restaurant. That would definitely be an experience worth a few bucks extra, don’t you think?

YO! Sushi’s Flying Delivery Of Food Using Drone




Via: [psfk]