3D Printed Heels Sport A Smartphone Case For Safe Keeping

Alright, so what do you invent when pretty much every single creative outlet has been depleted when it comes to smartphone case designs? Well, you start innovating some more of course. If you’re looking for a case that is far from ordinary then you have come to the right place. Soon you ladies could be sporting some of the most complex and original high heels anyone could ever slip into. Behold, the first 3D printed heels with a smartphone case incorporated into them.

Creativity is no stranger to Alan Nguyen. He’s been able to create and 3D print some of the most “innovative” heels ever made, at least when looking at them from a technological standpoint. I have no idea whether or not these 3D printed heels would be useful or comfortable for you girls, but you have to agree that if you were to wear them, the chance of anyone else sporting the same fashion statement as you would be slim to none.

It’s clear that 3D printing is becoming an every man’s pastime, and it will definitely show when we look at future innovations. The creativity 3D printing offers is unparalleled, and these 3D printed heels are certainly proof of that. The solution might not be the most optimized, but if you are looking to sport footwear that borders on the edge of technology, these 3D printed heels are definitely something you should look into.

Alan’s own opinion and assessment about his 3D printed heels is quite revealing. Even though the solution isn’t going to keep your phone safe from harm in any way (quite the contrary), he still explains that they seem to work and have been said to be quite comfortable to wear. “They actually work. I heard they’re pretty comfortable but I haven’t tried them myself.” So, if you’re looking for a pair of 3D printed heels that will make the most unusual heels look ordinary, you should definitely hit up Alan and see if he can create a pair just for you.

Alan Nguyen’s 3D Custom 3D Printed Heels

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