Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Brought To Reality Through 3D Printing

By now we have all heard of the real-life Tony Stark, and how he is trying to change the world with the billions he made off of a range of start up companies he either founded or funded. I am of course talking about the infamous Elon Musk and his never ending strive to perfect the world through technology. When Mr. Musk announced the Hyperloop, a lot of people wanted to know more about it. People over at WhiteClouds Labs decided to help with that, so they 3D printed the Hyperloop into reality.

In order to get a better overview of a concept technology, usually you need to create a miniature of what you are about to bring into the world. Even though the Hyperloop is probably further away than we are lead to believe, the people over at WhiteClouds Labs 3D printed the concept idea presented by Elon Musk not too long ago. The result is an ultra cool visual of the futuristic transportation system, dubbed Hyperloop, that Elon is determined to bring into reality.

The most amazing part about this 3D print isn’t that it brings the Hyperloop into reality, but that it only took them 24 hours to study the concept, model everything and have their 3D printers print the whole thing out. Now that’s what we here at Bit Rebels call determination. When you have this kind of turnaround, it’s easy to see why customers choose you as a project leader or manufacturer.

So far there is no word about exactly when the Hyperloop is supposed to be built or open for service, but as we have seen before, Mr. Musk isn’t exactly lazy when it comes to bringing new concept ideas into the world. I am sure this idea is not going to be an exception. When Mr. Musk is ready to reveal more details about his world changing transportation system, I am sure the world will be all ears.

WhiteClouds Labs – Hyperloop 3D Printed





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