3D Ultrasound Imaging Creates 3D Color Photo Of Your Unborn Baby

We all know what the standard black and white ultrasound photo looks like, and the quality is terrible. Usually nobody except the expectant parents can figure out anything from those photos. It seems like with all the modern technology we have in the world, someone would be able to take a clear, realistic ultrasound picture so people can really see a human being in those pictures. Well, someone has developed such a technology. It creates 3D ultrasound photos in full color. The result is nothing short of incredible.

It’s all part of GE’s HDlive technology, and as you see in the photos below, these color 3D ultrasound images are a huge step up in quality compared to what we usually see when our friends’ show us their grainy black and white pictures printed on flimsy white paper. As a matter of fact, they aren’t even comparable. As this technology advances, I’m sure these photos will even increase in quality.

According to GE Healthcare, “Through the use of an advanced illumination model, HDlive supports a moveable virtual light source and advanced skin rendering techniques. This new method is helping to establish a new level in volume imaging.” This new 3D ultrasound technology will also assist doctors with prenatal care. By being able to see the baby more clearly through the developmental stages, doctors will be able to more accurately assess the baby’s health and well-being.

Through this colorful 3D ultrasound, parents will not only get to see what their unborn baby looks like, but they’ll also get a chance to bond more with their baby since they’ll actually get to see him or her clearly. I hope this life-changing technology will be implemented in all hospitals and medical facilities around the world soon. These images below are courtesy of Dr. Bernard Benoit from Princess Grace Hospital in Monaco.

3D Ultrasound Creates 3D Color Photo Of Your Unborn Baby





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