3D Ultrasound Service Offers Printed Baby Hologram Pictures

Just a few years ago, an ultrasound only yielded a 2D image for the parents and the doctors to see. That has dramatically changed in the last couple of years. Nowadays, you can get ultrasound 3D prints which enable you to hold your child before it has been born. You can even get true color 3D representations on the screen of your unborn baby. New technology will now also allow you to get 3D ultrasound printed hologram pictures of your unborn baby.

The technology was developed by Pioneer, and it adds another dimension to the first contact parents have with their unborn child. The hologram pictures are viewable in a 23-degree view angle and will put a more realistic touch on the already amazing ultrasound visuals that technology is able to produce today. It’s with a new kind of hologram printer that Pioneer is able to produce these hologram pictures. But the trick is not entirely encapsulated in the printer technology that Pioneer developed. The hologram pictures are dependent on a new kind of film called Bayfol HX, which was developed and produced by Bayer Material Science.

This new medium, which is 200 components high and 300 wide, has each component fueled with 60 points of view vertically and horizontally. This makes for a truly spectacular holographic experience unmatched by most services that produce hologram pictures. So far, this ultrasound hologram pictures service is the only one of its kind, but it will definitely become a hot device around the world when it is released on the market.

The hologram pictures are encased in card-case holders and jewel-boxes with white LEDs since the hologram pictures can be viewed more clearly in white light. These products are mainly created to commemorate births, and to put another reality into the feeling of seeing your unborn child for the first time before it is born. The method is best described by the developers themselves…

This method works by shining light containing information about the object from one side of the recording material, and reference light from the other side, and recording the state of interference between the two light sources in the material. A hologram is created by regularly arranging the recordings on the medium.

Pioneer’s 3D Ultrasound Printed Hologram Pictures