4 Benefits Of Digital Connection

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on technology, successful businesses have to adapt in order to meet, and ideally exceed, customer expectations. A company’s internal processes can also become much more efficient, thanks to digital transformation, so finding and adopting the right technology for your business provides many long term benefits.

Of course, it takes careful analysis and planning to determine in what areas your business can most benefit from a digital revolution, and many believe they’re falling behind. In fact, nearly 75% of executives last year felt their efforts had fallen short of expectations.

One of the universal ways technology can help a business is by improving connectivity and communication, whether that’s between departments, your business and your customers, or you and your service providers. Here are some concrete ways digitizing your business can make you more connected.

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Clear Goals

Any business works more efficiently when goals are clearly shared between departments and each employee can understand and make meaningful contributions to those goals. With a reliable OKR (objectives and key results) platform, you can easily distribute company goals and strategies to team leaders and accurately measure progress toward each one. OKRs are essentially a more modern version of management by objectives.

Objectives are agreed upon by everyone in the company, which encourages collaboration between different teams. OKRs also improve transparency between leaders and team members, and clear expectations boost employee efficiency. OKR platforms are used by industry leaders like Google, Amazon, and FaceBook, and they can help your business grow, too.

Improved Customer Experiences

No one is more important to your business than your customers, and it’s important to treat them as such. Offering the best customer service possible means you can retain your existing customers and improve the odds they’ll share positive experiences. One way you can do this is by upgrading your contact center with some of the best technology in the call center industry.

With the BrightPattern call center solution, you’ll have true omnichannel technology working in your favor. Customers can contact your agents using their preferred method, whether that’s a voice call, SMS, video chat, email, etc. They can even seamlessly switch between channels while maintaining contact with the same agent when needed, ensuring ultimate convenience. With a unified agent desktop, your agents can easily track conversations across all channels and retrieve customer account data to offer personalized experiences.

Data-Driven Marketing

Speaking of customer data, digitization gives you access to one of your greatest possible resources. Customer data lets you predict customer desires and behavior based on current trends, and you can tailor your marketing efforts accordingly. You can create personalized offers for your business customers based on their past purchases, or you can better target specific sections of the market based on your most successful products.

You can even track how well you’re engaging with customers across all platforms to determine which are the best to advertise on. Data-driven insights help eliminate much of the trial and error involved in traditional marketing.

Better IT Services

Naturally, as your business comes to rely more on technology, you’ll need more support services to ensure everything runs smoothly and that your networks are secure. You’ll likely need a managed service provider to maintain your company’s IT infrastructure. A single sign-in MSP account could actually be used to monitor and maintain your servers and firewalls while allowing the MSP to protect their own systems from the same portal.

The single sign-in decreases reliance on a new user account for every service, which means fewer chances of a username or password becoming vulnerable. MSPs can also monitor user activity and trends for your business, so they can immediately identify potential security risks. An MSP portal can even integrate with other accounts to keep every system you run as connected and secure as possible.

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