Translate The World With This Transparent Translator

The world is growing ever smaller, and we are communicating across borders, across languages and even across cultures. It is not always the easiest of things to translate signs, languages or any other cultural boundaries. Sometimes it’s hard to even stay focused as you’re trying to get a full overview of what you are doing. The need to translate the sights, sounds and experiences of the world gets greater and greater for each day that passes by.

Technology is about to give us a tool that will change all that in a huge way. We seen language translators getting much more accurate and now there are even apps, software and devices that will help you understand signs, bar codes and directions. However, until now, they have all been separate devices and software, and that has been a huge problem.

Designer Rachel Ilan Simpson has come up with a genius idea to bundle them all together in a neat, beautiful looking and powerful device that is right in line with what today’s technology can muster. It will graciously combine all of these helpful tools and steer you in the right direction in any area of communication you desire. The database will be added to by people that have something informational to add to it. It’s somewhat like a Wiki which people themselves can go in and edit, update and delete whatever they feel is relevant for the device to be able to handle. Genius isn’t it?