4 Digital Leaders To Follow In 2020

Paying close attention to the market’s leading digital experts is a sure-fire way to remain on top of whatever the remainder of 2020 has to throw at us. Many entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals find themselves paying attention to the wrong role models, however, and in doing so divert their attention from the important and meaningful leaders from whom they should be learning. This year, 5 digital leaders, in particular, stand out as being worthy of your time and attention. Here’s a review of the 5 digital leaders to follow in 2020, and what makes them so notable.

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Gail Carmicheal Of Shopify

There’s no denying that the tech world is sorely lacking when it comes to diversity in the workplace and diversity in the viewpoints being forwarded to reshape the future. That’s where Gail Carmichael of Shopify steps in, as her tremendous work on integrated learning platforms is being called upon now more than ever before thanks to the digitization of universities.

Gail has done admirable work helping women and young girls, in particular, educate themselves in the STEM field, especially when it comes to computer science, and Shopify’s recent partnership with Carleton University depends in no small part upon her expertise.

A feature article exploring Gail’s work with Shopify and Carleton University demonstrates that she possesses not only tech expertise but practical leadership skills and the ability to generate positive press around her career. For any digital onlookers trying to find tech leaders to follow in 2020, these should be clear signs that Gail Carmichael should be closely studied.

Elon Musk And Space In 2020

Did you really think the space race was over? Most tech gurus follow Elon Musk already because of his pioneering work in the electric car industry, but space-watchers should be paying close attention to the billionaire and his company’s Starlink program in 2020.

SpaceX has been hard at work trying to launch a constellation of mini-satellites it calls the Starlink program, and Musk himself has mused about tens of thousands of such objects being placed into orbit sooner rather than later. This could have a significant impact on astronomy and will be closely followed by the tech community. Space-fans should thus pay close attention to Musk as 2020 continues.

William Erbey And Multi-CDNs

The tech world has only recently embraced the principle of having multiple Content Distribution Networks (CDNs), and that’s mostly because of the work of William Erbey and System73, a company in which he has invested. Tech geeks who want to foresee how the remainder of 2020 will pan out should thus pay close attention to Erbey as they try to determine the future of our digital infrastructure.

The entire world is digitizing right now; the continued spread of COVID-19 had forced universities to offer online classes in more significant numbers than ever before, forced businesses to digitize their operations, and has even forced some heads of state into quarantine so that they run their countries from home.

All of this will require drastic and long-term changes to our digital infrastructure, which is where Erbey and his pioneering work on multi-CDNs come into play. Unless we want the internet of tomorrow to be a sluggish nightmare that’s rife with security vulnerabilities, multi-CDN technology must be embraced with enthusiasm over the forthcoming few years.

Melissa Swift’s Truth-Telling

Now more than ever, we need to speak truth to power. That’s why tech fans should avidly follow the writing of Melissa Swift, who’s talked about the uncomfortable realities of digital transformation that others have shied away from. As technology further engrains itself into our society, critical thinkers who discuss potential disruptions early on will be desperately needed.

These are only five tech leaders to follow in 2020 – doubtlessly, many others are worthy of your time and attention too. Keep a close eye on these five, however, and you’ll finish the year being much more informed than you were at the start.

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