GetResponse – One Of The Best Marketing Automation Tools [Review]

Back in the day – and I’m talking about the pre-internet era – it used to take businesses countless hours to generate leads and convert them into actual paying customers. Companies would have their salespeople knock from house-to-house just to pitch their products, send snail mail, or use coupon books (among other things) – all of which just takes too much time and resources before the business owners can see the results of their marketing efforts. And even then, despite how long it took them to generate their leads, there’s nothing exemplary about their conversion rates. Those days are over thanks to GetResponse.

Fast forward to today, it only takes business owners and marketers a fraction of the time to set up their highly optimized marketing funnels; this is all thanks to the robust marketing tools that are available on the internet.

GetResponse is one such marketing tool. And to help you automate and optimize your email marketing campaigns, we’re going to dissect the platform so you’ll have a better idea of how it works, or how you can use it to grow your business. Let’s jump right in.

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Loaded with feature upon feature to make a marketer’s life easier, this is the marketing tool of choice for more than 350,000 businesses all around the world.

It features different functions for email marketing, marketing automation, landing pages, webinars, and so much more.

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Let’s dive in deep into GetResponse’s plethora of features to see what makes this marketing tool so popular.

1. Email Marketing

Any basic email marketing tool always starts with creating the content. With GetResponse, creating emails is dead easy with their users having over 500 templates to choose from.

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Each template is completely customizable where everything is drag-and-drop. You can change the size of the pictures, move them around, add pictures from your own library, or choose from over a thousand pictures in the platform.

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If you’re a developer and need to customize even further, you have the option of creating emails with code from scratch.

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Once your done customizing your emails, GetResponse ensures that you send out perfect emails every time by showing different previews for different browsers, mobile, and even email clients.

This gives you the chance to fix any formatting errors before sending them out to your subscribers.

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2. Marketing Automation

GetResponse’s Marketing Automation feature is hands down one of the most powerful, yet easiest to use in the market.

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Their Marketing Automation feature lets you customize your campaign’s workflow which GetResponse will then follow when replying to your subscribers to ensure that they get the exact content they need to help you close your sale.

Customizing your workflow is also easy to do! You just need to drag and drop different conditions, actions, and filters so that GetResponse will know exactly what to do according to the actions of your subscribers.

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Another amazing way that they suggest to take full advantage of this feature is to reduce abandoned carts. Using Javascript, you can prompt the auto response feature to send a follow-up email to those who have left items in their carts for a certain period of time.

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They sky’s the limit to the opportunities that this feature provides as there are almost limitless ways to customize your actions. You can employ different strategies tailor suited to fit whatever current circumstance that your business is in.

3. The Price

Right from the get-go, GetResponse lets you try all their services for thirty days, for free!

That’s right, free. No strings attached.

The free trial is one of the very few free trials that offer all of its services without the need to leave your credit card details, which means you can get a feel of the real GetResponse experience without the fear of anyone suddenly charging your credit card without your permission.

Once your trial period is over, GetResponse offers some of the cheapest rates among the similar marketing tools available today.

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There are three pricing tiers that GetResponse offers, and many different sub-tiers based on how many subscribers you have onboard. This lets you pay only for what you need without having to sacrifice the features that make this such a great tool.

Here’s how their pricing tier looks:

GetResponse Full Review Pricing Table

The Email version gives you access to unlimited email marketing, the autoresponder feature and a landing page for up to 1,000 of your subscribers.

With the Pro subscription, you get everything included with the Email version, minus the limit on landing pages.

What you’re paying for with the Pro is the capability to do webinars with up to a hundred people, plus additional access to three more users of your choosing.

Moving up to the Max version gives you the Pro version, an additional 400 attendees for your webinars making it a total of 500, two more users for a total of 5, access to a personal account manager, and custom domain.

If you’ve made it big in your industry and need more than the 100,000 subscriber limit will allow, GetResponse offers us the Enterprise version. The Enterprise version is priced at $799 per month and comes with so many customizable features; you need to schedule a demo before you get to sign up.

You can visit GetResponse’s pricing page for more information.

4. Other Notable Features In GetResponse

Advanced Analytics

GetResponse has some powerful analytics tools that you can use to tailor your email marketing system to match the needs and preferences of your subscribers.

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With their analytics feature, you can check who and how many opened their emails, what time they open their emails, what device they choose to open their emails with, and even find out how many of them actually went on to purchase your products (among other things).

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With all that info, you could time your events properly, send different content to people who respond differently, and even figure out if you’re getting a return on your marketing investment.

A/B Testing

Another powerful tool that GetResponse provides is the A/B Testing feature which lets you send out up to 5 different email formats to see which look performs best.

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With immediate results like the open rate, click rate, and comparisons between formats, experimenting with what look works best for you has become so much easier.

What’s Next?

Have you had the chance to use GetResponse to aide you with your marketing campaigns?

Please share your experience with the platform in the comments section below.