4 Jobs The Growth In Technology Has Created

The growth of technology has introduced various career opportunities for the new generation. Career paths that were only an idea when the development of technology began have become some of the careers most embraced by global business personnel. The following are some of the jobs which the increased growth in technology has created.

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1. IT Consultant

An IT consultant is a technical specialist who plays an anchoring role in organizations or businesses’ operations and development. In some cases, the glitches that come with technology can be detrimental to a business if not urgently tended to. For example, a remote company relies heavily on digital software for daily business mandates.

If the system goes down, productivity suffers. Hiring technical professionals such as IT Consulting Brisbane will ensure that the system is tended to and that productivity resumes. Such professionals are also required for business growth. Their expertise is in analyzing business systems and strategies to recommend various technical software that will help your business to grow. With the rapid shifting of technical dynamics in the digital age, companies need IT specialists just to keep abreast.

2. Social Media Manager

A social media manager is the person who’s in charge of a business’ social media platforms. This entails creating marketing content for the platforms, communicating with social media followers, carrying out analytics to determine how closely the shift in social media strategies directly correlates to business sales, sharing content with social media followers and generating corporate reports regarding the various social media platforms.

Technology has transformed business dynamics in terms of visibility. The more visible a brand or business is on social media, the more consumers are aware of the company and may be compelled to purchase the products. This is why the position of a social media manager is an essential role in any modern organization.

3. Blogger

Blogging is the art of website writing, usually with the intent to sell a product. It’s a marketing strategy that has grown over the years as a result of technology. A blogger can market the product of a business from half the world away, spreading awareness to people you may never have otherwise had access to.

Technology has made it so that one can blog from anywhere in the world and sell products in the area. This means that a consumer from any other part of the globe can find things that they want to purchase from the business by reading the blog. The internet has become a global market, in which bloggers play a significant role by connecting buyers and sellers. Many new-age businesses out there are making heavy use of blogging to great success, and it holds lots of potential for both start-up and well-established businesses.

4. Online Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is an artist who uses various online tools to design brands, concepts, and advertisements. Businesses need graphic designers to visually communicate their brand well. The use of visuals is how consumers become attracted to a particular website and become interested in getting to know the sold service product. Before technology, graphic designers created art on physical placements; technology has shifted this onto the digital platform, but it still plays an essential role in familiarizing your target market with your business.


Some of the jobs that have resulted due to a growth in technology include an IT consultant, social media manager, blogger, and graphic designer. These roles interconnect to form a strong foundation for the success of a business or organization. This shows how companies and organizations rely on digital technology and need technical advice from many different specializations in order to use it to their advantage and out-sell their rivals.

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