Awkward iPhone Star Wars Pinup Cases

iPhone cases seem to be the new app gold rush. iPhone case developers are springing up like they were seeded potato fields. Some are radical, and others are plain and simple. Most are a way to personalize your iPhone to fit your own lifestyle. However, there are also some that create safety cases to keep your iPhone from scratching or breaking. Sometimes they even encourage you to throw it on the ground. The designs of course vary, but they are all trying to make you change the look of that iPhone you are carrying in your pocket or purse. The graphical designs and illustrations usually involve patterns or shapes. There are also some that have prints portraits and cartoons on them.

Here’s where Star Wars comes in, and in a very odd and awkward way I might add. We are used to seeing Star Wars in the cool, technologically advanced way that the movies are legendary for. Sometimes we have also seen them in a funny Legolized and comical way, and they’ve even a bit naughty when I come to think about it (Star Wars Car Wash).

Some guys over at Society6 named YayzusGraphics have created iPhone cases that pictures Star Wars in the most awkward but cool way imaginable. Seeing Boba Fett in a female version isn’t exactly anything I have ever imagined, and it catches you by surprise, to say the least. They also have pretty cool Hello Kitty cases, but of course not in the way you would imagine them to be. Cases sell for $35 a pop, and you have to see them to believe them.