4 Ways To Monetize Your Blog & Earn Passive Income

Passive income is the process of earning money via a process that does not require you to take any action or carry out any kind of work. On your blog, for example, you might earn money every time someone clicks on an advert.

Although you spent the time to set up the advert on your website, you do not have to do any actual work to earn a commission for each click. Whether your blog generates one click per day on a given advert or 10,000 clicks – the total amount of work that you have to do remains the same.

This provides the perfect way to earn additional income on top of what you earn in your day job i.e., a ‘side hustle’. Once everything is set up and in place, then you should be able to earn income while you sleep.

Passive income also an excellent way to make money because you are not limited by your own ability to work during the day. There are only so many hours per day that a blogger or webmaster can work – but with passive income, the limiting factor is usually the number of visitors you can bring to your website.

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Ensure That Your Website Has A Good Amount Of Traffic

The foundation of making money with your blog starts with having a significant amount of ‘quality’ traffic. The best way to measure the amount and the quality of your visitors is to install Google Analytics and estimate the number of sessions and look at quality-metrics such as “Bounce Rate” and “Time on Site”.

If your site’s bounce rate is 100% and the average time on site is less than 5 seconds, then the quality of your website’s traffic is shallow. On the other hand, if your bounce rate is less than 40%* and visitors typically visit more than 1 page, there’s a good chance that your traffic is highly engaged, relevant to your site and likely to click on your links & adverts or sign up to your newsletter.

*Please note that this is only a very approximate way of assessing the quality of your website’s traffic, and it will be impacted by any custom events that you may have set up in Google Analytics.

Affiliate Programs

One great way to earn money with your blog is to join a relevant affiliate scheme. All you have to do is sign up, and then, in most cases – you apply to the merchant to become an affiliate. Once approved, you will be given a specific URL that tracks people who click via your website, to the merchant’s online store and then makes a purchase. For everyone who clicks from your site and makes a purchase, you typically make a commission of 5 – 20%

One great place to start applying for affiliate programs is Refersion.com, and you can also sign up as an ‘Amazon Associate’ to gain commission on a vast array of products. There are also WordPress plugins available that will automatically change relevant words in your blog posts into affiliate links.

Ezoic Ads

Ezoic ads are recommended by many bloggers as the best and most profitable ad platform to use. The platform uses artificial intelligence to continually tests ads in terms of their location on your site, as well as the ad size and format. You can also test your own content in terms of headings and layout to see which performs best in terms of generating you a commission.

Please be aware that there is a minimum amount of monthly traffic required to be approved by Ezoic. However, the ad platform does work with all well-known CMS solutions and hosting companies.


Turn part of your blog into an online store with drop shipping. Dropshipping allows you to populate your website with products, that when ordered, are passed onto a separate company, who will then fulfill the order directly with your customer.

It is possible that you may have to deal with some complaints and inquiries, but the actual product handling is sold with by the distributor or manufacturer. Using a website such as Printful.com, you can sell products, including your own custom-designed T-shirts.

Printful is easily synced up to a WordPress blog using the WooCommerce and Printful plugins. Printful can be a lot of fun, because you can upload your own custom designs and put them for sale on your website, without having to stock anything yourself.

It is worth mentioning that the designs to go onto your T-shirts should be in vector format – usually SVG or ai. Format. There are image-format-converters online that will convert png and jpeg images to vectors for you if you don’t have the correct software.

Use Facebook & Google Ads If Your Blog’s Traffic Is Low

If your website doesn’t have many visitors, combining drop shipping with paid advertising can still drive a good return on investment if you do some research into your target audience. Although generating and running advertising campaigns will take some effort to set up, you should only have to tweak and slightly change them once you have found a successful ad and campaign strategy.

Be aware that to use Google Shopping Ads, you will need to clearly show your contact details and return policy clearly on your website. This can be a bit tricky if you are running your shop from home – as people won’t want to buy T-shirts from a residential address listed with a mobile telephone number!

With this in mind, consider using a virtual office address a vanity telephone number, possible with a call answering service. There are several other ways to potentially earn passive income with your website. For example, producing your own eBook – is a lot of work, but once completed can easily be added as a downloadable product via a Paypal or Woocommerce checkout.

A combination of active and passive income streams is best if you want to make the most money possible from your blog. Ensuring that you have enough high-quality content to attract visitors to your site is usually the best starting point!

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