42Gears Makes Unified Endpoint Management Increasingly Accessible During The COVID-19 Pandemic

In device management, the name 42Gears is slowly becoming a business that others need to take note of. Founded in 2009 by former Motorola employees Onkar Singh and Prakash Gupta, the company has recently found itself in the spotlight. Gartner gave the company an honorable mention in its Magic Quadrant Report for UEM Solutions. 42Gears came into the limelight because of the company’s unique approach to device connectivity.

Initially focusing on mobile device management, they expanded their scope as the industry grew to encompass devices of all types. Their forays into Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), and Mobile Device Management (MDM) have seen them become a significant player in the industry. Overall, the business has seen success after success, leading to an excellent reputation as a provider.

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A Vast Client Listing With Room For Expansion

Among the companies that 42Gears counts as clients are T-Mobile, DiDi, Pfizer, Toyota, IndiGo Airlines, and Indian eCommerce enterprise Flipkart. Based on what Markets and Markets say about the UEM market, this space is poised for extreme growth over the short term.

With the recent COVID-19 crisis, the need for EMM, MDM, and UEM has become even more critical. With social distancing rules in place, ensuring that devices within a company remain connected is crucial. 42Gears is making waves to ensure that this connectivity doesn’t need human intervention to work.

The Introduction Of Things Connectors

Taking a page from the Internet-of-Things, 42Gears has developed an interface connector known as a “Things Connector.” With a Things Connector attached to a device, an admin can remotely interact with the object. What’s more, the Things Connector architecture makes it ideal for small and medium businesses because of its extensibility. Companies can develop their own version of the Things Connector to interact with their own devices. Things Connectors are also flexible since they can work with any device, regardless of its operating system.

The Introduction Of Samsung Knox

Probably the most significant improvement that 42Gears has brought to the table with particular relevance to the COVID-19 situation is their partnership with Samsung Knox. Since most businesses are looking at enabling employees to connect remotely while still decreasing their IT spend, this innovation brings a cost-effective solution to light. As a Samsung Knox validated partner, 42Gears has incorporated a system to ensure that all Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) devices function within its framework as expected.

KME devices can be added to a network without even physically interacting with the device. As soon as the item gets connectivity, it updates itself on the central database and starts sending and receiving data.

A Formidable Combo

The ability of 42Gears to work seamlessly with KME devices creates a powerful combination. With Samsung devices being an industry standard and affordable for most businesses, 42Gears now has an even larger stake in helping small businesses with their connectivity solutions. This could be the start of a formidable partnership that might change the industry as we know it.

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