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Have you been thinking about your wish list all year? If you haven’t finished all your Christmas shopping last week and need a pressie for the geek in your family…take a look at this list of geek-a-holic toys.  We have gathered our Bitrebels Author’s top items on their wish lists. From super geek and tech to luxurious and elaborate, take your pick, then post this list on your facebook wall so mom, dad and your girlfriend get the clue.

If you are a geek at heart, share your top wish list item in the comments below. We love to know what our readers are holding their breathe for. Dream a little.

Picture 3 xmas_stripe

Diana Adams


ATN 4th Generation Night Vision Goggle System $9,995.00

I’ve wanted a pair of night vision goggles like this for a decade.  I love nature and I’ve always thought it would be so much fun to sit very still outside at night and see all the wildlife clearly.  It would be like having another sense.

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Misty Belardo


Bose QuietComfort 2 Acoustic Noise Canceling Headphones
Music is important to me, people close to me knows that.  Helps me relax and think.  Helps me zone in on my work and zone out the unnecessary distractions when I need to get a lot of things done.  Some people frown on this wish of mine, but I always believe that good equipment makes for a great experience.  Gotta save up for this one at $ 499

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Richard Darrell

wacom-INTUOS4 L

Wacom Tablet, best kind. (INTUOS4 L) $469,90 …Santa I honestly need for all the writers of Bit Rebels to get exactly what the wish for. Even if it means I am not getting my Wacom.

Picture 7 xmas_stripe

Christian Collard


Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo Racing Wheel $350
Im a big fan of sports cars. Heck, a big fan of anything that moves fast. This racing wheel is built just like that of the porsche 911. Hook it up to your PC and you are ready to roll!

Picture 8 xmas_stripe

Andrea La Valleur


Nikon 300S $ 1699 (body)

Growing up as a photographer’s daughter, I have always loved taking pictures. Nikon’s are my fav cameras and I wish I could have all the lenses they offered…however I don’t so I will just have to add to my collection each year. That said, this year I would like to add the newly released Nikon 300S which allows you to take HD video. It also has a more ergonomical body shape, dual SD slots, Live view and is weather resistant. If you love photography and making short films, this is the camera for you.

Picture 10 xmas_stripe

Clément Young


My day dreams are filled with the Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV . Since I’m a young man, I think the reasons for me wanting such a “gadget” are quite clear. This car is simply a demon on the road and, for myself, nothing out there at the moment can rival the sexiness of this machine. Its only £270,000 /$402,000 from H.R. Owen Manchester. (OBVIOUSLY I’ll be getting it converted to a green emissions vehicle) On a lighter note, I wouldn’t mind a Bandai Tuttukibako I always worried about how digital noses were cleaned when they were runny. This will help me focus during the day, knowing that all digital runny noses are wiped clean – by me. Add it to your wish list  for a whopping €39.45

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Fernando Fonseca


I love music. Music of (almost) all genres, from classic to the most experimental are part of my daily life. I have to listen to a lot of music because of my work and I listen to a lot of music when I am not working (those 2h a week). Sound quality is something that is not subjective as some may think. There is a clear difference between  a vinyl record  to a CD, between  a CD and a MP3, from a MP3 to mobile ring tone. The better sound equipment you have, the better it will sound if you are using a good vinyl record player or a good CD player. If you get your iPOD playing on a good audio system it will only show you how bad the quality is. One of the best audio systems in the world is the Burmester Reference Line. Starting by the Burmester 808 MK5 Pre Amplifier (pictured) the audio system  is any audiophile’s dream: Attention to detail, handmade construction and the latest in analogue/digital technology make it what a Ferrari the Ferrari for audiophiles. I mean, we are talking the only  home audio system whose CD player (in conjunction with the amplifier) can compete with the sound of a vinyl player and this is a lot to say.

The complete system will cost you around $185,500, so if you have 185,000 followers on Twitter ask $1 to each one of them and go buy it but take into consideration that you will have to wait for quite some time to finally have it. Maybe I will try to convince my 2,700 followers to give me  $68 each so I can also have it ;-)

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Arnt Eriksen


Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin $599

this all-in-one hi-fi solution for all your audio needs, the Zeppelin offers a sleek, iconic body housing five speakers that produce only the clearest sound from your iPhone, iPod,computer, television or any other sound source. I have a friend of mine that has this one, and after I’ve listened to it – I’m amazed of the sound that comes out of this slick system. The design is totally awesome – and would fit perfectly in my studio apartment :)