5 Best Free Live Chat Software Programs

Many businesses implementing live chat tools measure their success by numbers and speed. Customers, however, prefer a working solution over a fast-delivered solution. If you provide a satisfying (not quick!) live chat experience, people will spend up to $500 per month extra with you, be more loyal, and promote your company through word-of-mouth more regularly.

Also, more than half of your customers are likely to make repeat purchases from you if your company offers satisfying live chat experiences. By hey – what’s in it for your company? You’d be happy to know that 79% of businesses that offer live chat support have reported higher sales, improved revenue, and better customer loyalty.

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5 Favorite Free Live Chat Software Programs

What if you have exhausted all your marketing and sales budget? How do you avail of the benefits of providing live chat support for free? In this section, we present a list of five best free live chat software programs.

1. EngageBay

With EngageBay’s free live chat software, your support team can provide personalized support to each and every customer. Agents can see the visitor’s profile with their complete website behavior on the left side of their screens.

They can have a context-filled conversation and provide personalized support. EngageBay’s chat window is designed to easily access to all chats. Agents can also forward the full chat transcript to another agent whenever required. Here are some more features of this free live chat software:

  • Automated and proactive live chats with personalized welcome messages
  • Chat shortcuts (canned responses) for the most frequently asked questions.
  • Powerful chat metrics to identify which areas need to improve in your quest to deliver world-class support

Pricing – Completely free forever for an unlimited number of agents, only requires a free login with EngageBay.com.

2. Crisp.chat

Like EngageBay, Crisp.chat also offers a marketing automation platform to send emails for nurturing newly-captured leads into customers. If your sales cycle is longer and more sophisticated, this is a handy feature.

If you provide a minimum support uptime guarantee to your customers, Crisp presents a system outage notifications to proactively communicate the status of your team to your visitors. Here are some more features delivered by Crisp:

  • Automated proactive chat messages to encourage customer loyalty
  • File sharing and integrated knowledge base for quick resolution of common issues
  • A fun game called Crispy Bird that visitors can play when your team is offline.
  • Advanced chatbot workflows for common scenarios

Pricing – Free for up to 2 agent seats

3. LiveSupporti

With LiveSupporti, your visitors can assign their chats to specific groups (such as sales, customer service, technical support, etc.). Your agents can see what their assigned visitors are typing in real-time.

Like EngageBay, agents using LiveSupporti also get advanced statistics about the visitor’s location in the customer journey. So, they can provide personalized support and develop an instant connection with them. Here are some other features that LiveSupporti agents can experience:

  • Embedded live chat support in the same window
  • Multi-lingual live chat support
  • Complete customization (with height, width, colors) of your live chat window
  • Automated proactive messaging
  • File sharing and canned responses for commonly asked questions

Pricing – Free for up to 3 agent seats

4. Userlike

Userlike is a multi-channel live chat software trusted by global companies like Nivea and Allianz. Userlike allows you to allocate specific skills to each agent and assigns agents based on their abilities.

This ensures minimal chat transfer and building a long-term relationship. When an agent forwards a chat, the entire chat transcript is sent to the receiving agent. This ensures that the visitor won’t repeat everything all over again. Some of its other features are:

  • Userlike enables relationship building by ensuring agent assignments are driven by previous assignments between the same agent-user pair.
  • Userlike enriches customer profiles automatically using their social profile links (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) using their email address. Agents can thus understand the customer, have a personalized conversation, and form a trustful bond.
  • Userlike provides agents with a chat rating and a review instantly after a session ends.

Pricing – Free for a single operator

5. Chaport

Chaport makes live chat more efficient for operators. This is enabled through canned replies and a file sending feature for the most commonly asked questions. With Chaport, you also get a multi-lingual chat widget so your agents can make support conversations more trustworthy and comfortable for visitors? Other essential features of Chaport include:

  • Group chats
  • Real-time reports
  • Website activity

Pricing – Free for a single operator

Are You Running Short On Your Budget For Live Chat Software Programs?

Live chat support not only improves the level of customer service, but it also brings in more sales and higher revenue for businesses. If you do not have the budget for a paid tool, you can go for any of the free live chat software programs mentioned in this article.

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