5 Cool Tools for Video Appreciation!

Aside from updating social networking sites, reading blogs and playing games,  the online community also loves watching videos for  entertainment.  There are so many video channels you can go to watch  favorite clips, but there are occasions when you want to share your thoughts or just want to LOL with friends and family real time, or you just want to make life easier and have ways to find your videos faster.

Here are some applications that I hope can make your experience richer.

1.  Synchtube – Here is an application that allows you to watch your favorite videos with family and  friends in real time.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to share the moment with your loved ones? Well synchtube allows you to do that,  simply  copy the link of your favorite You Tube video and create a room.  Once you have done that alert your friends.  Its fun and easy.

2.  Popscreen –  The application allows you to Bookmark your favorite movie clip, video, webcast etc.  from different sites in one location.  Popscreen works with the following video sites: Hulu, You Tube, Metcafe, Vimeo, Blip.Tv, Vidler, Howcast, Justin.TV and other video sites.

3.  Clipta –   Having a hard time searching for a video?  Clipta is a video search engine tool.  Allows users to search, browse, navigate and discover videos from across the web, regardless of the source. Clipta’s friendliest video search engine has the technology to collect, organize, and deliver every video on the web and help users find exactly what they are looking for.

4.  Gawkk –  Is a social video community, a site where people can share, discuss videos with friends.  It asks you the question, what are you watching?

5.  Filmnet –  The Film and People Nwtwork.  They bring together filmmakers and viewers through a rich content library, advanced social networking tools and an in-depth database with information about film industry professionals and web-based movie-making.   FilmNet provides a platform for all types of video content creators and distributors – indie and pro filmmakers, musicians, film festivals and schools – to exhibit their films and videos in high quality and professional manner. They will help filmmakers to distribute and monetize their work, as well as find collaboration partners, cast, crew or resources for their productions.

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