5 Free File Sharing Sites

Having a big amount of storage to save your file is crucial specially for Freelancers.  A file hosting service, online file storage provider, cyberlocker or online media center is an Internet hosting service specifically designed to host static content, typically large files that are not web pages. Typically they allow web and FTP access. They can be optimized for serving many users (as is implied by the term “hosting”) or be optimized for single-user storage (as is implied by the term “storage”). Related services are video sharing, virtual storage and remote backup.

Here are 5 Free File Sharing Services/Sites that you might want to check out:

1.  Media Fire –  Powerful for tool for  business and yet simple enough to use for everyone.  The easy way to host and share any files including  documents, presentations, videos, and images.

2.  File Factory –  FileFactory is an award-winning online file sharing service.  Share all your files at FileFactory and never have to worry about disk space or  bandwidth again. Share files with your friends, family, customers, or thousands  of people worldwide.

3.  BADONGO –  You get unlimited storage space, Manage your files, and you can also share easily with friends and family through social networking platforms.

4.  File Den –   Free accounts gets you:

  • Hotlinking allowed for all allowed file extensions, including videos and music files!
  • 1GB of personal storage space.
  • A 50mb maximum file size limit
  • 5GB of monthly bandwidth

5.  File Box – Filebox is a powerful website designed to store, organize and publish all of your electronic media. Whether it’s important spreadsheets, documents, photos, or movies, Filebox allows you to store all of these files in one central location. Then, with the click of a mouse, share these files with your friends, family, or business partners. You can even generate income when they download this with our Filebox Profit program. So whether you are an individual or business, stop paying to store your files online, and start getting paid to store them.

Included a link where you can browse through 100 more File Sharing sites that would be suitable for your need. 100 Best File Sharing Sites

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    PaperClipPlus.com offers unlimited free file sharing. No ads, no monthly fees ever. File are retained as long as the user wants them

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    Dlocker 9 years

    Dlocker.com is a Open source storage cloud which provides file hosting & sharing solution.We support upto 244 MB per upload . We are providing free file hosting services which may concentrated on Unlimited disk space , Efficient socialization of files with your friends. Instant downloads without any delay and without any carry files ,Highly Secure environment with SSL certificate, All free accounts and easy file management etc.

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    my web hosting account 9 years

    Always seek for second opinions and search for reviews on the companies you are interested in.
    Why would anybody want to name his domain something
    silly like hgyqxczpykskyjly. ” POP mailboxes and web mail services: The use of the POP mailboxes is important and this is the reason it is best to use it to offer every departments and staff a different email id.

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    vijay 9 years

    Nice link… it helped me a lot…

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    fileuploader 9 years

    Hello nice collection, let me add this website :

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    Lucas 6 years

    UploadBank is completely free and no need account to sign up.
    One of my favorite!

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    George 5 years

    These all are good website. But for me media fire is the most trusted file sharing site.

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    dilek 5 years

    Great information !
    It helps me alot .